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More than 2 years ago, the #Cannabis world reacted with shock and sadness to the news of the death of "The Strain Hunter" at the young age of 42, while doing charity work in Africa, as on his last trip he contracted "Cerebral Malaria" in the end of December 2016, whilst filming "Strainhunters Congo Expedition" and passed away quietly after a short but severe illness.


He was an icon and a well-known and respected personality in the industry and helped change so many lives by advocating for the rights of people against unjust treatment, disease, starvation and other maladies. He will extremely be missed snd will be remembered as the most passionate dedicated and knowledgeable person that our #Weed industry has ever had.

His passion and dedication for the plant was unheard of in the history of our industry, but his professional efforts in #Canna-Space created many of the strains we enjoy, and has helped change the world's view and his legacy will live on for generations to come. He said:

Cannabis is my passion, my bread, my home. I feel it is my duty to make sure this amazing plant is preserved and enjoyed. I am a smoker, a grower, a breeder, and a strain hunter. For life.


The Strain Hunter

He is "Franco Loja" (May 20th 1974 Torino, Italia - January 2nd 2017 Barcelona, Spania), who helped elevate the science of cannabis to higher levels with his knowledge and experimentation of crossbreeding techniques and high-yielding genetics.

Franco was to the cannabis community what "Steve Irwin" was to the natural world – a fearless explorer and pioneer. He spent over 25 years collecting cannabis #Seeds, and made a positive impact on the lives of many across the globe.

He was one-half of the illustrious "Strain Hunters Seed Bank", and head breeder at "Green House Seed Co" – one of the most award winning cannabis seed banks of all time. He dedicated his life to hunting down, documenting, and breeding with unknown and original landrace cannabis strains (hence Strain Hunters’ name), and could often be found delving into the wilds of the world in pursuit of untouched cannabis.

He fell in love with Africa and its people in 2007, his love for the plant and people that worked with it earned him immense love and respect right back from Africa and Africans.

After 150 flights in 2016 he still decided to travel to Congo again despite incredibly dangerous political meltdown that was happening at the time he was there, to assist locals in developing a medicinal landrace oil specifically for treating malaria! A disease whose prevention is so hopelessly underfunded because it primarily affects the poor.

He was in the "Democratic Republic of Congo" at the time of his death researching the benefits of cannabis in treating those infected with cerebral malaria, a mosquito-borne virus, when his own life was taken by brain malaria.

It was a sad day, when "Franco of Strain Hunters", the pioneer of cannabis discovery, exploration, and breeding has unexpectedly passed away during an expedition to find new cannabis strains. A #Landrace strain is the most pure form of cannabis existing on our planet because it is constantly adapting to the natural environment in which it has evolved.

The #Strain Hunter (1974-2017)

Green House Seed Co. / Seed Bank

The Green House team started collecting landraces since their beginning in 1985, and their "Strain Hunters" collection offers them from seed. The company has become the most awarded "Seed Bank" in the world. They make sure that each grower chooses the best option when buying "Green House Genetics". They also have a YouTube series that chronicles some of the amazing journeys!

Rest in Peace!

Thanks For Reading / Have A Nice Sunday!

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It is a sad plight because he died young, he could have contributed more for the science of curing very sick patients... but we have his legacy and it I hope someone would continue what he started .... Cheers!


42 years / He left us so early - He was in the midst of researching a medicinal landrace oil to treat the disease that took his life!

What a painful loss, i pray we get more people as resolute as he is, he is truly a legend and i hope the people of Congo and the world at large will see the need of legalizing cannabis for medicinal and recreational purpose. Thanks for sharing!!

I was really upset to learn at the end of the strainhunter documentary that he passed away, really sucks :/


He will be missed by so many, and our hearts go out to his family, to his partner "Arjan Roskom", to the Green House Coffeehouse & Seed Company and Strain Hunters family.

His hard work and dedication have ensured that cannabis has been accessible to those who need it, and have helped shape and develop the cannabis community into what it is today! / Thanks for support.