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Enjoying a great audience both in the United States of America and in most European countries, Valentine's Day is celebrated on February 14th, by lovers all over the world.

It is not known how the custom evolved over time, but the modern tradition emerged especially in the United States when Americans began sending handwritten "valentines" in the early 1700s.


In 1840, Esther A. Howland began selling the first mass congratulations, one of which was exhibited at the British Museum. According to the Greeting Card Association, Valentine's Day sends about one billion congratulations.

From the first handwritten valentines, the specter of gifts or surprises given by those who celebrate this day is much broader, ranging from electronic greetings, fine chocolates in the shape of hearts or cupidons and multicolored bouquets of flowers to extravagant gifts or expensive vacations.


Some lovers choose the classic way to spend this day, inviting their partner to a select restaurant, and others, more daring, choosing something totally new, such as a riding exercise, a balloon ride, a ski trip, a visit to the bowling alley or the ice rink.

For me is a special day that I spent usually every year at home with my lovely wife, to celebrate the love I feel for her by going out of my way to make this day just perfect. It doesn't have to be expensive, because a successful Valentine's Day results from thoughtful planning and paying attention to the small details that I know matter to her !


Happy Valentine's Day !

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Smoke = Love + Peace

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Thanks For Reading & Happy Smoking !


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Happy Valentine! ♥

I love the art up there .. the smoke kiss was perfect.. happy Valentine


That is that Magic Kiss ! That is the Love Dose that all of us need it.

My girlfriend and I will both be working but I did spoil her with a little gift bag 💚

Happy valentine's day to you and yours!


I'll be spending it with someone special Maybe I'll roll a tulip for v day.