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As #Cannabis use becomes increasingly legal and socially more accepted, a surprising number of celebrities who consumed it in past away from the public eye or publicly, have launched their own cannabis-related products, these celebrities have attached their personal brands to these products, distinguishing them from competitors and adding to their perceived value.

Marijuana became part of The Game’s life when he was 12, and after releasing a Hot 100 single and a new full-length record, The Los Angeles rapper from Southern California said that #Marijuana, not music, is his main revenue source. He said:

I’ve been getting high since I was 12 years old, so weed has influenced everything that I do. It’s been there for more than half of my life and I’m happy with it. Me and Mary Jane, we’re in love.

According to High Times, The Black Jesus / The Game became the first celebrity to own a marijuana dispensary in 2016 and then he developed Trees By Game, branded strains of cannabis flowers and concentrates , which are now sold at his dispensary’s Santa Ana, California location / The Reserve, he said:

I'm proud to be alive during a time where we have the opportunity to responsibly bring cannabis to the public.


The game

He is the songwriter, the record producer and the American rapper under the title Geffen Records, Jayceon Terrell Taylor (Born November 29, 1979) known as The Game.

The Game rose to fame in 2005 with the success of his album "The Documentary" and found continued success with the 2006 follow-up Doctor's Advocate. Since then, he is considered to be the main pawn in the revival of hip-hop on the West Coast, and he is best known for being one of Dr. Dre's signees under Aftermath.

Back in 2004, The Game was handpicked by Dr. Dre to be a part of the hip-hop group G-Unit, and more than a decade after being selected for G-Unit, the Game became the one with a chance to handpick a prospect of his own. However, it wasn’t an M.C. that he chose, but a medical cannabis dispensary: The Reserve.


The Reserve & Trees By Game

So after several films and his own reality TV show he got a new role: "Potrepreneur" and became part owner of The Reserve. Darice Smolenski, the dispensary’s co-owner said:

When I met Game, he actually came in one day. He was doing a performance and was looking for a shop to do a signing or something like that. He was highly impressed with what he saw at our shop and decided he wanted to be a part of this [because] he was trying to get into this industry on a legitimate level.

The West Coast rapper who is among the most successful artists to transition from music to the cannabis industry, did not become one of industry’s pioneers only with The Reserve, but also He launched his new company Trees By Game in the fall of 2016, and LA-based Vertical, one of the world’s largest vertically integrated companies in the cannabis industry, partnered with Trees By Game in 2018, to bring the Game’s curated cannabis to vast California market.


The existence of celebrity in the green economy is reflective of a massive shifts in #Canna-Culture, as being pro-cannabis can positively impact one’s persona, by selling products, and proactively using their personal brands to add perceived value to these goods and the cannabis product landscape is increasingly diversified. What you think!

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