The Father Of Irish Rock & The Weed Bust

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"Thin Lizzy" known for drinking, smoking heroic amounts of #Marijuana, celtic folk songs, fighting and fucking their way around the globe on the strength of ubiquitous hits like "Jailbreak" and "Waiting for An Alibi". They ruled the nighttime world with white-hot harmonized guitar action on albums like "Bad Reputation" and "Black Rose - A Rock Legend ".

Philip Parris Lynott (20 Aug 1949 – 4 Jan 1986)

"Phil Parris Lynott" was a founding member of "Thin Lizzy", principal songwriter, lead vocalist and bassist. He was the man who sang for #Weed and sang about dancing in the moonlight, or being down on his luck in Hollywood. He is the rock star, who escaped dire poverty in Dublin to take "Thin Lizzy" rolling around the world.

The former "Thin Lizzy" legend, Lynott was born to a Brazilian father and an Irish mother, in the West Midlands of England on 20 August 1949, and grew up in Dublin with his grandparents.

He played the bars of Dublin with "Skid Row" and "Orphanage" before settling on a Thin Lizzy line-up featuring "Eric Bell" on guitar and mainstay drummer "Brian Downey" at the start of the seventies.

He was accused many times of possessing #Cannabis resin and with cultivating a cannabis plant at his home in Kew Road, Richmond.

While Lynott was recovering from a bout of hepatitis that put him off the road halfway through the previous Jailbreak tour, the seventh studio album "Johnny the Fox" was written and recorded. "Johnny The Fox", the last "Thin Lizzy" studio album on which guitarist "Brian Robertson" featured as a full member of the band, was released in 1976.

"Jimmy the Weed for greed was taken aback
Johnny the Fox you old sly cat
Cleverly the Fox concealed his stash
Crisp dollar bills leave no tracks"

Johnny The Fox Meets Jimmy The Weed

Thin Lizzy' Weed Bust At Castletown House

"Castletown House" in Kildare was the first Palladian style house in Ireland. It was built between 1722 and 1792 for "William Conolly" , who was the Speaker of the Irish House of Commons. The house was bought by "Desmond Guinness" in 1967. "Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis" visited it the same year. "Mick Jagger" and "Marianne Faithful" hung out there in 1968.

Castletown House

By all accounts, Castletown House, hosted some epic parties, and was also frequently advertised in "The Irish Times" throughout the 1960s and 1970s as an entertainment venue / plays, supper entertainment, the West Wing restaurant, Georgian caper banquets, and the Irish Georgian Society Halloween party.

According to "Thin Lizzy Book By Alan Byrne" ; The police raid of Castletown House actually occurred on the morning of 21 August 1977, the date which also marked the first rock festival in Dublin. The police arrived at the venue. They sprung out of thin air and of course there was a mad panic so everyone threw their stash in an open fire. The police happened along to the overwhelming funk of weed in the place. One day later, a brief news story snuck into "The Irish Times":

A number of people were arrested and drugs were seized when gardaí raided Castletown House, in Celbridge, Co Kildare, this morning where a party was being held for a rock singer, Phil Lynott of the Thin Lizzy group.

The Irish Times

"The Father Of Irish Rock", went to celebrate his 28th birthday at Castletown House, before the first proper rock festival at "Dalymount Park" on 21 August 1977. He survived his 28th birthday bash at Castletown, made it back to Dublin, and played the Dalymount gig before the #Pot bust even hit the papers. The story captured the hedonism of that era – police raids, rock stars, stately mansions and drugs.

The Father of Irish Rock' Death

While these musical cameos flickered in life, Lizzy's Lynott was spiralling slowly out of control, due to Heroin and alcohol dependency. Lynott collapsed on "Christmas Day 1985", at home and was diagnosed with septicaemia, as well as kidney and liver damage.

His condition worsened, and by the start of 1986, he was put on a ventilator to help with his breathing, and few days later, he died of pneumonia and heart failure at the hospital's intensive care unit.

"His Funeral" was held at St Elizabeth's Church in London five days later, and was followed by a second service at Howth Parish Church in Dublin, on January 11. He was buried in St Fintan's Cemetery, Dublin.

Rest In Peace

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