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PRINCESS OF WHALES released her debut album Alright, Still in 2006 (Gave her nominations for the Grammy, BRIT Awards) which includes a song titled "Alfie." The jaunty tune details her attempts to get her listless, Weed-Smoking little brother to stop being a layabout and get a job. She sings:

My little brother's in his bedroom smoking weed / I tell him he should get up 'cause it's nearly half past three / He can't be bothered 'cause he's high on THC.

She should make a song telling Alfie (Theon Greyjoy), she's proud of him for his recent Emmy nomination in Game of Thrones !

But that's not mean, she doesn't smoke the #Weed! As PRINCESS OF WHALES admits she was so high at Coachella she forgot all her song lyrics, she shared her shock confession in a Twitter Post ,she wrote with the below pic:

Me at Coachella 2007 20 mins before I smoked Cali weed for the first time and forgot every single word of my set.


PRINCESS OF WHALES & My Thoughts Exactly

She wrote the book My Thoughts Exactly so her daughters will be able to understand her perspective on the events in her life, and to set the record straight. Her book was announced in August 2018 and published by Blink Publishing on 20 September 2018, coincidentally the same day on which the 2018 Mercury Prize ceremony took place.



Her name is Lily Rose Beatrice Allen (Born May 2, 1985). She is a British singer, songwriter and television animator. Being the daughter of actor and musician Keith Allen and filmmaker Alison Owen, the performer had a difficult childhood, not having a stable home; By the age of fifteen, Lily Allen had been a student in thirteen different school institutions.


In teenage years, she listened to various musical genres, and at the age of fourteen she ran away from home to be present at the Glastonbury Festival. She wrote about the Glastonbury Festival when her father had a heart attack in 1998 at the festival and took cocaine immediately after being discharged.


She dropped out of school and focused on improving her interpretative and compositional qualities. In 2006, Her first album, Alright, Still (2006), gave her nominations for the Grammy, BRIT Awards. Called It's Not Me, It's You (2007), was appreciated by the UK's criticism, and the commercial success of the disc was not delayed. In 2008, she hosts her own TV show, broadcast by BBC Three Channel, entitled Lily Allen & Friends. For more feel free to click Here !


Lily Allen & Weed

2009 / While on holiday in St Tropez Lily Allen & Kate Moss, were pictured sharing a rolled up cigarette that looked like a cannabis #Joint. The pair were seen lighting up on the yacht as they holidayed in the ritzy south of France.


2017 / Sweeping her blonde locks away from her face, she finished her funny-looking smoke and was later seen zooming off in the back of a black cab.


2018 / Lily Allen was slammed for wearing #Cannabis necklace. She's shocked fans with the revelations in her tell-all book, My Thoughts Exactly, in which she recalls hiring female, taking drugs and sleeping with married men.



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Lily Allen's music is great, was listening to it the other day :)

Glad to see she supports cannabis 👍


She has always been candid and unashamed about her weed use / Thanks for great support.