The Bong Connection / Part XXI / The Rebellious Icon On Marijuana

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In 2009, 50 years after her death, a video of "The Rebellious Icon" surfaced showing her allegedly smoking #Weed. The silent film was shot in a private New Jersey home in 1959, where "The Rebellious Icon" is passed what appears to be a #Joint, which she proceeds to smoke with her friends.

The clip just over a minute long, which was stored in an attic for years until it was unearthed, and Sold For $275K, to the New-York based collector Keya Morgan, who bought the footage.


The Rebellious Icon / Marilyn Monroe

She born Norma Jeane Mortensen ( June 1, 1926 – August 5, 1962). She was an actress, model, singer, symbol and pop witch of the twentieth century. Monroe's rise to the celebrity level began with her selection to post in several magazines, while her first husband was part of the commercial navy.


The most important part of her films were made for 20th Century Fox, where she took her name that made her famous. After several minor appearances over several years, Marilyn began to become known for her comedy talent, helped by her remarkable presence. She straightened her efforts towards more consistent appearances, and at some point in her career she managed to accomplish this goal.

The mysterious circumstances of Marilyn's Death have been the subject of many speculations, but have failed to ruin his reputation as the most legendary public figure of all time. Her death was later recorded as Acute Barbiturate Poisoning following a Probably Suicide. It was estimated she had taken around 50 pills at the time of her death.


So, Did Marilyn Monroe Smoke Marijuana ?

The Unnamed Woman who shot the footage claims to have supplied the pot for the private but the clip has triggered both skeptical and celebratory speculation. Watch the below video then read what's being said,

$275K Clip !

  • At one point, the clip shows "The Rebellious Icon" is passing a cigarette and takes a puff but does not appear to inhale deeply, but she is laughing, giggling, sniffing her armpit and breaking into hysterics, like stoned behavior!

  • The unnamed female videographer claims that it was indeed her weed that got Marilyn and her friends high:
    "I got it (the pot). It was mine. It was just passed around. It was not a party. It was just a get-together. You know, come over and hang out."

  • The son of Monroe’s friend Jeanne Carmen can also confirm that the starlet smoked:
    "My mom was not a pot smoker but she did smoke #Pot on occasion."

  • While Marilyn Monroe & Jeanne Carmen attended a boat party with Steve Cochran, the two ladies smoked weed, but jumped ship when he tried to turn the Pot-Friendly Boat party into an orgy.

Marilyn On Marijuana !


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One of my favorite film, female and cultural icons ever. She suffered from some kinds of mental issues if I'm not mistaken. Something she inherited genetically from her mother.


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