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Glad to see Snowden Star (JGL) publicly supports #Marijuana. He is able to make a difference just by speaking up. He has been the advocate for #Weed. A few years ago, it was reported that JGL knows all the ways to smoke weed. In fact, he had tried different brands and forms of marijuana before selecting the right one for himself and he shared a lesson he learned about smoking pot with Seth Rogen.

JGL Pot Smoking Advice / Jimmy Kimmel !

JGL smoked up on occasion with his Snowden director Oliver Stone and it was quite the bonding experience. He said:

I smoked with Oliver Stone a few times, which was awesome. The experience you have when you’re smoking weed is so determined by the context and who is around you.

Getting Stoned with Oliver Stone / Late Show !

JGL is creative as hell and always making weird little movies, so why not toke up on some sativa and let our brains do the talking? It also helps that he's hot. He said to Playboy:

When I smoke weed I'm more liable to make connections I wouldn't otherwise make. Sometimes those connections are ludicrous. But sometimes they're great.


JGL / Snowden Star

He is Joseph Leonard Gordon-Levitt (February 17, 1981), was born in Los Angeles, California and grew up in the Sherman Oaks neighborhood. His father was news director for Pacifica Radio. His grandfather, Michael Gordon, was a Hollywood film director between the 1940s and 1970s and was known for the Pillow Talk movie.


He is one of the greatest American actors, filmmakers, and singers. He has appeared in blockbusters like A River Runs Through It, 10 Things I Hate About You, Angels in the Outfield, Inception and Hesher. There is a long list of successful projects, and JGL has won several awards due to his incredible performance and dedication to the work.


JGL & Brainstorming

The star speaks openly about his weed use, how marijuana boosts his #Creativity levels and he insists the weed opens his brain up to new ideas, sometimes extremely eccentric ideas, and Brainstorming is at an all-time high whenever he lights up.

I don't pay attention to the strains that much, but I know they say sativa is more up and indica is more down. I don't like the sleepy ones. I never get that, so I always buy sativa. Even though the tide is turning.


JGL has so far had predominantly positive experiences whenever he smokes, and he never really cared about the scientific classifications of marijuana strains he smokes.

He thinks marijuana is overly Demonized by Media without really having any firsthand experience using it.

I think marijuana is overly demonized in our culture. I do know people who let it get out of control and let it play a part in their lives that's not beneficial. There's definitely an addictive quality, but it's psychological. It's not physically addictive in the way cigarettes or alcohol are physically addictive.



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Finally a celebrity that said my thoughts on the cannabis addiction. It's psychological in the sense that you want to smoke because you enjoy it. Unlike cigarette addiction the is physical and you habe to smoke. Even if you don't Want to.


The most important thing that, the weed will push your mind to make connections that you wouldn't otherwise make.

JGL said: "My vision went up above me, and not only could I see.... It wasn't so much about myself. It was seeing a totality of how everything is all part of one thing, connected."


Same feelings.

Great Post & series of blogs, keep up the excellent work mate 👍