The Bong Connection / Part XVII / Who Says I Can't Get Stoned

last year


He once claimed that if you do not smoke so much #Weed you wouldn’t believe that it is good for human health. He is publicly talking about his personal Weed Use , he is been open about his own #Smoking habits, he said during a 2010 interview :

After this, I’m going to go home, smoke weed, and play Modern Warfare 2. It’s what I’m going to do all night.


He and his Grateful Dead bandmates pulled a stunt to fight for the legalization of #Marijuana. He posed, in an Instagram post surrounded by plants, at a Marijuana Dispensary in Colorado.


John Clayton Mayer & Marijuana

Born in October 1977, John Clayton Mayer is one of those actors, producers, and singers who has openly supported marijuana. This American star attended a Music college in Boston before starting his career as a singer and songwriter.


With the passage of time, John Mayer polished his skills and learned how to come up with the expectations of his fans. His two famous albums are Heavier Things & Room for Squares. In 2003, John received a Grammy Award for his incredible song "Your Body Is a Wonderland." He said in a Ustream video chat:

I am in the sort of suburban-housewife category of weed smoking.


He Ditched Alcohol For Weed

The fact, the once-controversial musician John Mayer is lauding cannabis as a positive replacement for alcohol is even better, is fantastic. Maybe some people underestimate the power of celebrities. But when a person with as much star power as John Mayer openly discusses a still-controversial topic like this, others pay attention. Hopefully, his statements will inspire others to ditch booze for weed.

He has officially renounced alcohol. He ditched alcohol for weed. While we’re all for people making healthier life choices, we’re curious. What brought about this change in lifestyle?
In an interview with Rolling Stone, and later confirmed on his Twitter account, he disclosed that he has quit drinking in favor of a less destructive substance. Yup. John Mayer ditched alcohol for weed.

Experts in addiction seem to agree that weed can actually effectively treat addiction to a variety of substances. Including alcohol.

So not only is cannabis better for both your mind and your body, it can also help get you on the right track if you are struggling with substance abuse issues !


Who Says I Can't Get Stoned

Mayer was asked to clarify how much he smokes after his song "Who Says" was released in 2009. In the opening line, John sings, "Who says I can't get stoned?" A brand new song about his love for smoking weed !

"Who says I can't get stoned
Turn off the lights and the telephone
Me in my house alone
Who says I can't get stoned"

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It can be an excellent tool when used correctly! Hello addictive personalities, you can’t od on weed like the other top choices for escape 🤔

Fuck alcohol man, honestly it'll probably end up killing me one of these days. Bring legal weed on ASAP!


Maybe I am bad writer, but I am good reader. To be honest your Retweet "More than 150,000 Americans die of alcohol abuse each year. But in more than 10,000 years of usage, no one has ever died from marijuana..", inspired me and was the reason why I came up with this post, I am not a big fan of John Clayton Mayer but if he ditched alcohol for weed, why we can not do the same, the answer maybe because the weed is not legal in our countries. So let us bring legal weed, as the fucken alcohol will kill us soon or later.