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11 months ago


If you have watched HBO’s High Maintenance and enjoyed the adventures of an unnamed #Weed delivery Guy and the Weed Queen in the comedy central series Broad City, then it is the time to know about the Caveman Star & Anonymous Woman's trip through the world of #Cannabis culture.

Few days ago, @indica wrote:

Did you ever watch "High Fckers" on swear net?

My Answer Was Never! But as I eager to know and learn something new about 420 Creativity! I spent the last few days enjoying the great SwearNet Show. I learned a lot and this is the reason, why I thank @indica and why I love !


So, who Is The Caveman Star ?

He is Sam Tarasco (Born January 24, 1957). He is a Toronto-born actor who has appeared on over twenty episodes of Trailer Park Boys and in three Trailer Park Boys movies. He plays Sam Losco in the show. He has been known as the Caveman for a few years now on the show.

The Greasy Caveman Show Tour features everything from hot dog eating contests, to karaoke singing, and of course meet and greets for the fans. Sam had lived most of his life in Ontario but later moved to Halifax to be closer to his family.

Before Working In Acting, Sam has also been employed as a deliveryman, a call centre operator and a bouncer. Sam is also an avid poker player, often participating in professional tournaments.


And, who Is The Anonymous Woman ?

She is AMY ANONYMOUS. She is a canna activist, baker and MMAR card holder. She educate new, old and potential cannabis consumers about the benefits of cannabis and help them make choices on medicine geared to their symptoms.

She can usually be Found in Kitchen, baking away! She make edible and wearable forms of medicine like cookies, bars, tinctures, creams and an assortment of other items.

She like to make peoples "Welcome to Toronto" gift baskets because she understand the counter-culture side of the cannabis industry. She is very passionate about what she does and she is a firm believer in cannabis as medicine, as everyday cannabis improves the quality of her life.


Sam + Amy = High Fckers Show

Sam was one of the first members of Rob Ford’s campaign team is the co-host of an online #Marijuana show, High Fckers. He said: "The purpose of this f---ing program is going to be to educate, to inform and really just an excuse for me to get f---ing high with my buddy". Sam add:

In honour of Rob Ford, I think we should smoke the ‘green crack’ kush today

Sam & Amy will take you through the world of Cannabis Culture. Each episode features the duo trying new strains, products, and plenty of Samisms. So if yo like to Watch & Enjoy Their Trip Just Visit:

High Fckers / Swearnet


In the second episode, Sam said he has arthritis in his knees. In the third, in which he vomited on camera after overindulging, he said he usually smokes less, to deal with elbow and eye pain. Sam add:

The cannabis helps me feel better. But I don’t go to this f---ing extreme because that’s not the purpose of it for me. This is for your f---ing benefits out there, so you guys can see how f---ed it is for somebody who shouldn’t be doing this to do it. So if I f---ing puke, I puke, I guess.

Where the High Fckers ?

What happened to this show? Why they stopped it ? Why only was 2 seasons ? A lot of questions! No answers.. What I know is:

During the police investigation of Ford, a former aide told investigators that a joint was found in Ford’s desk drawer at city hall. Another former aide said Ford had offered his girlfriend a joint, then lit up himself. Neither allegation has been proven in court !


Come Back. We Miss You High Fckers !


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New thing for me. Might give it a watch this weekend


Enjoy and thank @indica as if he did not tell me, I did not know about this great reality show ! Have a great weekend.

This show must be amazing... I have to figure out if this gets broadcast here.

I really enjoyed the show, I was super gutted they stopped running it, it'd have been cool if they kept it going with different guests if sam wasn't available, I found the bingo bongo game fuckin hilarious - i'd renew my swearnet subscription in a heart beat no joke


Yes, sadly they stopped running High Fckers and stopped also Gettin’ Learnt With Ricky. The problem is not if Sam available or not. They had intentions to continue all these shows on Swearnet but it is not easy to fit that in between the following:

  • Writing each season from Jan to March.
  • Going into pre-production until June.
  • Filming in the summer for two months.
  • Going on tour immediately afterwards in September and then another tour in December and then have to start all over again.

So, It looks like they're trying to get back. These guys are the hardest working in show business because they do it all themselves.

  • Netflix doesn't help them.
  • They don't have any say in production or provide any of the costs.
  • They just pay the principal owners once the production is in the can so they can show it on their network.

By the way, I read somewhere that they wrote a movie called Boner Hash ! If you know anything about this movie, I ask you so kindly to let me informed.

Thanks for great support.


Hmm I might grab a new subscription to support them then, won't get high fuckers if they don't get funding to think about doing it


Well said / I will do the same
They have built a two-level prison set for a jail series ( Trailer Park Boys and High Fuckers ) that was for Swearnet only, the writing and filming of the two spinoff shows, the animated series, and writing the fourth movie called Boner Hash. All of this need money.
I will try to watch Trailer Park Boys

If I find it good for smoke I will write about it the next week !