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A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas (2011) Info

Once again, Harold and Kumar bring it with a lot of fully original concepts. These guys all over again prove that that anything may be funnier if you add weed.

Six years have passed since the memorable adventure of two good friends, stoner buds Harold Lee and Kumar Patel in Guantanamo Bay, and the tricky men who turn any event into a major disaster are no longer in such close relationships, Harold establishing a family and already having a little girl.


When a mysterious and voluminous pack containing a gorgeous fir tree is delivered by mistake to the door of Kumar's house, although the recipient was supposed to be Harold's father-in-law, the first one decides to redirect the gift and accidentally saves the Christmas tree commissioned by Harold's wife's father.

Instead of apologizing to his father-in-law in Kumar's name and confessing to him how the incident happened, Harold took the uninspired decision to move everything in silence and ride all over New York along with his old friend, on the eve of Christmas, to find an equally spectacular fir tree to replace the burned one.


Director: Todd Strauss-Schulson / Starring: John Cho, Kal Penn, Neil Patrick Harris, Danneel Harris, Paula Garcés, Danny Trejo, Amir Blumenfeld, Thomas Lennon

Stonedest Line

"I shot Santa Claus in the face. He's real, and I shot him in the face."
"I got the munchies. "
"No can do man. I gotta stay here and smoke this weed, otherwise I won't get high."
"Getting "not-low", what do you think? "


Trailer & Stoner Conclusion

While some movies the 3D is not worth it, A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas is one of those movie that has to be seen in 3D if your going to watch it. If you don't see it in 3D it can be a bit confusing cause you might not get some of the jokes.

What started as a simple stoner trip comedy, becomes something that pushes the limit with every installment, so if you liked stoner comedies and comedies that pushes the limits this movie might be worth checking out.


The 3D experience was consistent throughout, no weariness, very clean, and had some nice out-of-screen effects that paired well with the comedy.

A lot of the humor uses or pokes fun at the 3D effects therefore see it in 3D if you'll be able to, it is a real treat and the effects are so great. There was enough pot smoke and coke blown in you face that you could almost get high.

Video Via YouTube

Watch the trailer, and if you love this type of humor, roll a joint, get your munchies prepared and Check This Film Out !

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Not my favorite of the series but it has its great moments.

I had no idea about this one, i'll have to track it down. I re-watched the White Castle one a couple days ago :) :)

NPH cracks me up in this one.