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Grandma's Boy is about game designers, video games, an insane amount of weed, and a borderline freakshow genius who calls people "Turd Nuggets". This may not be how most game designers really are, it isn't a documentary, it's a very funny comedy!

Grandma's Boy (2006) Info

  • Alex (Allen Covert) is a fanatic of video games. He quit an accountant career for his dream job; Video Game Tester. Even if the income is modest, Alex is more than pleased.

  • The Whole Calm of his life goes to the seabed when he discovers that the rent money was spent by his colleague on the amusements with Filipino woman companies.


  • When friends refuse to host him, Alex swallows his pride and moves to his Grandmother, Lily (Doris Roberts), who is more than happy to receive it.

  • Lily lives with two of her eternal confused Bea (Shirley Knight) and Grace (Shirley Jones) an enthusiast of sexual adventures.

  • Alex tells service colleagues that he lives with three fabulous women who squeeze his powers every night. Meanwhile, try to conquer beautiful Samantha (Linda Cerdellini).


Director: Nicholaus Goossen / Starring: Linda Cardellini, Allen Covert, Nick Swardson, Doris Roberts, Shirley Jones, Shirley Knight.

Stonedest Line

"My grandma drank all my pot."
"I can't believe you came on my mom!"
"Don't judge me Monkey."
"My beef strong!"


Trailer & Stoner Conclusion

  • The Puns & Gags are unforgettable, There are a great deal of amicable actors, many of which you wouldn't expect to see in a movie like this, which makes them even more entertaining.

  • Grandma's Boy is one enjoyable Stoner Comedy, is fairly comical and is pretty much done. The plot is simple, but what makes this film work is the comical cast involved. This is the right comedy to watch with friends.

  • It is one of the few Happy Madison productions that I've found to be quite good and funny. Sure it's not, Cheech & Chong, The Big Lebowski or Harold & Kumar, but Grandma's Boy is still a movie worth seeing.


  • It is belongs on the list of the memorable Stoner Flicks for sure. The cast are very funny, especially Joel David as J.P the arrogant game designer who constantly makes robot noises.

  • Starring a few of Adam Sandler's frequent co-stars, Grandma's Boy is a rare Happy Madison production without Sandler himself. Star Allen Covert (The guy soaping his ass in Mr.Deeds) is better than expected, as are Shirley Jones (Partridge family) and Linda Cardellini.

  • You have to watch this movie at least once, many people have said that the movie is unrealistic, but beyond the obvious Physical & Logistical Deviations, the general attitude and behavior of the characters isn't too far off from reality.

Video Via YouTube

Watch the trailer, and if you love this type of humor, roll a joint, get your munchies prepared and Check This Film Out !

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Found this one while I was in college and quickly became an all time favorite.

"What does high score mean? Did I break it?"

I love this movie ... watched it many times and have the DVD somewhere!


I love that movie. I watched it alteas 10 times.