Stoner Comedy Movies #06 / Friday

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Did you just ask yourself; What is The Next Stoner Movie to Watch When You Are High? We filtered through the Stoner #Movies of all time to find you the best #Stoner Comedy Movies! So, If you do not know what to look after, just check the below list or visit CANNASSEUER'S CULTURE / MOVIES to select the movie you'll love, watch, toke & enjoy!

Up In Smoke (1978)
Cheech & Chong's Next Movie (1980)
Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982)
PCU (1994)
Billy Madison (1995)


Friday (1995) Info

Craig (Ice Cube) and Smokey (Chris Tucker) are two young people in Los Angeles who are in constant search for money for fun. The film begins with an ordinary day in their life, a Friday afternoon, where as usual the two youngsters sit on the porch of one of them and try to find a way to spend the night and the weekend. But their favorite fun will lead them to an unfortunate end of the weekend.
Filmed in 20 days right in the neighborhood where the director has grown up (the movie also features the home of F. Gary Gray), the film manages to show the atmosphere of a LA neighborhood in a typical weekend.


Stonedest Line

"I know you don't smoke #Weed, I know this, but I'm gonna get you high today, 'cause it's Friday, you ain't got no job, and you ain't got shit to do."

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Trailer & Stoner Conclusion

In the early '90s, Cube may do no wrong, in between creating gangsta-ass albums he found time to co-write and co-star during this hood-to-suburbs classic. The American Stoner Comedy Movie Friday is not concerning its plot, it's concerning the characters within the neighborhood: crackhead Ezal, trifling-ass Pastor Clever or legendary bully Deebo.
Friday is that notable 90's film that may be viewed uncounted times, memorized and still be ready to turn out amusing for several additional future generations.
Friday become a much more superior than others stoner-buddy comedys, not just because have a simple, entertaining, terrible funny screenplay and an unforgettable acting by Chris Tucker. But additionally for gift a shocking, tense and powerful drama.
So, if you love this type of humor, roll a joint, get your munchies prepared and Check This Film Out !

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Enjoyed this movie but it didn’t age well. Being high as a kite is compulsory to watch and enjoy it a second time.

Otherwise watching it again is as enjoyable as this.


I will come up the next week with another Stoner movie that you did not watch mate ( I will try as I am sure that you watched most of them, lol ).

Quite a solid list! Add mine, I would be honored... I have another review on the way too! ;)

Man everybody loves Friday "and you know this, man!"