Stoner Comedy Movies #04 / PCU

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The Stoner Movie Term could only have come out of the 1970s. Indeed, that most culturally Cannabis-inflamed decade first ignited the phenomenon, When Hits Were Created Specifically For The High, like "Fritz the Cat" (1972), and this eventually led to Cheech and Chong in 1978 dropping stoner filmdom's atomic bong / Up In Smoke (1978).

The '80s delivered kilos of Cheech and Chong follow-up films, like / Cheech & Chong's Next Movie (1980) as well as / Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982).

So What About The Middle Period, Then? The 1990s.

In reviewing the past, the ten years when Alternative Rock reigned and Hip-hop soared, we will see that also the #Stoner movies was fueled by #Weed fumes, and Marijuana has become an actor itself, offering to THCinema lovers a large number of movies in which Cannabis plays an important role.

I believe, it is not bad to start The 1990s, with one of the best college Stoner Comedy Movies ever, Politically Correct University / PCU !

PCU (1994) Info

PCU could have been a scathingly funny take on the increasing abundance of political correctness that has been permeating college campuses across the country. The prescient college farce PCU showcases weed as the great unifier among otherwise disparate college factions. It additionally lays out tons of funny, high-flying jokes regarding hacky-sack hippies and hairy-armpit activists.


Stonedest Line: Can you blow me where the pampers is?

Stoner Conclusion

It's probably politically incorrect to like this kind of #Movies, but no wonder some of us were looking forward to PCU; A movie well situated to skewer its subject once and for all, that may make you laugh. PCU is less a blatant ripoff of Animal House than a fond homage. This '90s update on campus life never reaches that landmark comedy's inspired heights of Anarchy. It is very 90s, but unlike Animal House, get less funny as time goes by !

Video Via YouTube

So, if you'd like to remember the 90s, Check This Film Out !

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Keep em comming my friend. Awesome series. It is going to be great list in discord when we have them all...
You could always find something to watch, that was recommended by like-minded people.

that was recommended by like-minded people.
Indeed the people, who are interested to know more about #Canna-culture ! It is not for people who have the steem attitude !

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Great Work so far, kind Sir!

This series is so inspiring, I have to make another movie review as well! Thanks for being an inspiration!

Hahaha this is a great one! Jeremy Piven cracks me up.