Stoner Comedy Movies #03 / Fast Times At Ridgemont High

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In the world of #Movies, there are several artists who use Marijuana, but whether Stoner movies are based on real events or fiction, we believe it have helped a little towards normalizing the Cannabis and in the same time, The Plant Has Become An Actor Itself, offering to Marijuana lovers a large number of movies in which Cannabis plays an important role.

The reason why we came up with the Stoner Comedy Movies Seires, to highlight this side of #Canna-culture and to give you the possibility to relax, enjoy our large Seires of the best #Stoner Comedy Movies since 1978, hoping that you enjoyed the first two Stoner Comedy Movies:

Up In Smoke (1978) & Cheech & Chong's Next Movie (1980)

In front of your PC? Getting baked? You’re blazing with your friends, ordered some pizza, put yourself into a Time Machine Traveling Back To The 80’s, watch the classic Fast Times At Ridgemont High (1982), as this American teenage super cheesy movie will accompany your pizza splendidly, Toke & Enjoy !

Fast Times At Ridgemont High (1982)

Here it goes : The North American country, west coast, teenagers, romance, sex, flick created within the 80’s concerning the80’s, modest nudity, high school endeavours, ganja, middle-class kids, minimal amount of real issues, and of course young Sean Penn. OK, let’s begin.
Stonedest Line: "All I need are some tasty waves, a cool buzz, and I'm fine."


Fast Times At Ridgemont High (1982) Info

Our stoner hero, Jeff Spicoli (Sean Penn). His hobbies include surfing, chillin’ in school, chillin’ outside of school and of course hotboxing VW vans with presumably dank weed !

Video Via YouTube

An impeccable performance by Sean Penn that exudes the aura of a ten-guy straight outta’ Dogtown. During the solid, Sean Penn, as systematic as he's, solely allowed himself to be addressed as Spicoli to assist his mental transformation into a classic, and comment 420 character.

Video Via YouTube

Stoner Conclusion

Fast Times could be a sensible, funny and infrequently difficult examination of teen life within the early Nineteen Eighties. There is heaps of romance and everyday endeavors, however most partying has been not noted, though Spicoli climbs au courant stage and goes mental, nice stuff. The main disappointment? Not enough of Spicoli! If the motion picture would be targeted around his character, the motion picture rating would be a lot of higher, rather like Spicoli.
So, if you love this type of humor, Check This Film Out !

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Thanks For Reading & Happy Smoking !

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One of the best scenes in pineapple express, probably not far from the truth haha!


Pineapple Express (2008) / Was and will be on of the best Stoner Comedy Movies / but need time to reach 2008 as I am still on 1982 movies.


Oh gosh, im sure not far from the truth at all!!! <3

I'll be an actor in the next life, I promise


Why not this life? 👌

That's awesome!
Thanks for starting that movie review trend about stoner movies,
don't mind me jumping on the train!
I am looking into my memory chips as we speak... ;)


I could never get into this movie, tried starting to watch it like 2 or 3 times and just kept giving up, kinda aged/boring imo.


I hope that you will like the next movie from the large Seires of Stoner Comedy Movies.

WHERE @JACKDUB !!!! its his discord avatar (one of )




He is not online now / check his discord later !

Yeah this movie's a classic - Spicoli set the trend for stoners for generations to come :)