Sleeping Rocky + Marihuana's Code Word = Popeye / The Rollin’ Stoner

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"Frank Fiegel"(born on 27 Jan 1868), nicknamed "Rocky" who had a strong chin, was of Polish descent and lived with his mother in a house near the evergreen cemetery, he had an inordinate strength and had a propensity for fights, he always smoked a pipe and was toothless, tall, ready for a fight and always a winner.

When he finished his work at "George Gozney’s Saloon", he consumed a couple of beers, he would take a chair outside, seat himself, tilt the chair back, and with pipe in his mouth, proceed to take a nap in the sunshine.

Frank "Rocky" Fiegel

The "Sleeping Rocky" became an amusing target for children who came by. They would creep near, yell loudly, and run. Rocky, the tough guy would awaken with a start and jump out of his chair, arms flailing, ready for a fight, the children would be a block away by that time.

Rocky, who lived in the hometown of "Elzie Segar", died at his home in Chester, Illinois on March 24, 1947, he was 79 years of age at the time of his death. Rocky was a familiar character in Chester and was credited for being the inspiration of Elsie Segar’s "Popeye".


Weed's Code Word

When Popeye was created in 1919 by Elzie Segar (1894-1938), spinach was a code word for #Cannabis. Because of the social situation at the time, using code word was a perfect way for cannabis-loving artists to incorporate their favorite plant into their creations.

So the code was used everywhere and one of the best examples is the classic hit "The Spinach Song" (I Didn't Like It The First Time) by the jazz band "Julia Lee & Her Boy Friends", from the album "Reefer Blues: Vintage Songs About Marijuana Volume 3".

The band , who also had a hit with "Lotus Blossom" (Sweet Marijuana), performed in jazz clubs in "Kansas City" where a cloud of #Weed smoke hung every evening and used spinach as a metaphor for marihuana.

Popeye & Cannabis References

American sailors were the first to #Smoke cannabis in the US, and the first sailor who eat the weed was Popeye, who always lands in difficulties and just as he threatens to lose from the bearded sea-dog Bluto, eats a tin of spinach (code word), and then becomes super strong.

He used to eat his greens through his pipe, which is rather strange for spinach that comes out of a tin. The idea was anchored on the notion that sailors were the first to introduce the concept of ingesting #Marihuana to American culture, since they would bring home weed from their voyages in different countries.

"Anti-cannabis Lobbyists" in the thirties stated that cannabis made you immune to bullets and gave you other supernatural powers just like Popeye used to sing "I’m strong to the finish ‘cause I eat me spinach". In 1960', Bluto was called "Birdseed" and in those days hemp seed was used as birdseed.

Another cannabis references from Popeye was when he and Bluto were cowboys trying to impress Olive, the damsel in distress. Since Bluto felt he was being edged out by his rival, he switched up Popeye’s spinach #Stash with some LocoWeed.

As soon as he ingests the #LocoWeed, he is thrust into a woozy, psychedelic state where his brain literally explodes and he walks in a square on thin air. After this, his hallucinations cause him to perceive a charging bull as a woman, causing the two to start dancing.

Popeye & LocoWeed

Just like other classic cartoons that clearly make some kind of reference to marijuana, it possibly was simply entertaining for children watching this, but most likely many adults at the time have been very well familiar with what the #Stoner Popeye was experiencing.

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.. thank you for your post, like it..and love the spinach song and the whole reefer sound..

I much prefer Popeye the The Rollin’ Stoner to Popeye The Sailor Man 😅😄