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8 months ago

Sir. Mick, who is now known for his fitness rather than #Weed use gave the governor of Illinois a shout out for signing a bill to legalize marijuana, few months ago. At a "Rolling Stones" show in Chicago, the rock icon Sir. Mick welcomed "Gov. J.B. Pritzker", who earlier that day held a signing ceremony to celebrate the legalization feat, fulfilling a key campaign promise.

The initial concert greeting for the Governor was met with a mix of applause and groans, but the crowd let out an even louder cheer after the singer brought up cannabis. Sir. Mick did his homework ahead of his concert if he not only knew that Pritzker signed the legislation hours earlier but also that the law is set to take effect in January. Mick said:

I’d like to welcome Governor Pritzker, who today just legalized cannabis in Illinois.. So you’re all going to light up legally next January.

The #Legalization program will allow adults 21 and older to possess, consume and purchase certain amounts of cannabis for licensed retailers. But it wasn’t the commercial side of the bill that got the most attention at the signing ceremony.

Rather, the legislation’s sponsors and supporters went to great lengths to discuss its social equity provisions, which include $30 million for a low-interest loan program to encourage those from communities disproportionately impacted by prohibition to participate in the "Legal Market".


Sir Michael Philip Jagger / 2010

In an interview on American television, the British rock star, the "Rolling Stones" lead singer, urged officials to legalise cannabis only on the island, and only for a limited time, to test whether such a ban would work.

The anti-establishment rocker isn’t especially outspoken about #Marijuana reform, though in 2010 he did propose legalizing all drugs on a U.K. island as a trial to see if it would mitigate violence.

Sir Mick, who was convicted of possessing narcotics in the 1960s, insisted his proposal would help prevent violent crime that is normally associated with Narcotics trade. Mick said:

In England they always try out new mobile phones in the Isle of Man. They've got a captive society. So I said, you should try – you should try the legalisation of all drugs on the Isle of Man and see what happens.


Sir Michael Philip Jagger / 1967

Sir. Mick was found guilty and was given three months behind bars of possession of cannabis and amphetamine pills following a police raid at bandmate Keith Richards' Redlands country home in West Sussex, England, where the musicians were said to have engaged in smoking of #Cannabis in a wild infused-sex party, on 29 June 1967.

Sentenced to 3 months in prison, a critical Newspaper editorial saved him from serving his full prison term. In the Time's article, "William Rees-Mogg" called out the authorities, insisting that Sir. Mick was being excessively punished simply for who he was and what he represented, instead of having the case judged on the severity of the crime.

Mogg declared that, Sir. Mick's situation is about as mild a drug case as can ever have been brought before the courts, and "There must remain a suspicion in this case that he received a more severe sentence than would have been thought proper for any purely anonymous young man". It was Mogg's argument which apparently prompted authorities to reverse their prison decision and allow him to walk free.


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Wow. He got 3-months for that? Good to see Sir. Mick is helping with the cause. Standup guy.