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8 months ago


Supporting the legalization of #Marijuana during the past several years, has become a mainstream treaty position for some of Democrats. Is Sen. Harris / D-Calif who wrote in her new book "We need to #Legalize marijuana and regulate it", changed her position the last weeks and nothing weird about that? or she is one of those Democrats who plays the legalization game and no exception? As she:

  • Jailed 1,974 people on marijuana-related charges in her six years as California attorney general!
  • Opposed a California measure that would have legalized recreational marijuana in the state in 2010!
  • Laughed when asked about the Republican California attorney general’s support for legalization in a 2014 television interview!

The democratic presidential candidate is doing it. Calling for marijuana legalization, that is. Yes you read well, Sen. Kamala Harris / D-Calif, who is weighing a 2020 presidential campaign, unveiled a proposal, saying she plans to legalize marijuana, ending bail, eliminating death penalty for federal crimes, and stop the use of private prisons and clear the nationwide rape kit backlog during her first term.

She wrote also in her book "The Truths We Hold - An American Journey", released recently pointing to racial disparities in #Cannabis enforcement:

"Something else it's past time we get done is dismantling the failed war on drugs—starting with legalizing marijuana". "And we need to expunge nonviolent marijuana-related offenses from the records of millions of people who have been arrested and incarcerated so they can get on with their lives."


Harris calls for legalizing marijuana, ending war on drugs and making government loans available to Americans seeking to launch marijuana businesses, she revealed as part of a broader Criminal Justice Plan released few days ago:

Provides states and localities with funds to make loans to assist small businesses in the marijuana industry that are owned and controlled by socially and economically disadvantaged individuals.

Harris Unveils Bill To Federally Decriminalize Marijuana !

Her newly released proposal includes elements that contradict earlier stances and the criticism that has dogged her since she jumped into the presidential campaign in January, could make voters more skeptical. Gabbard told her:

The people who suffered under your reign as prosecutor—you owe them an apology.

It is unclear why Harris is suggesting decriminalizing marijuana, but that does seem to be one potential implication of the suggestion that involving the criminal justice system is harmful when it comes to substance misuse, who know, time will tell!


Until then is good to know, that Sen. Harris admitted she smoked #Weed in college while listening to Snoop Dogg and Tupac, and the 2020 democratic presidential contender told New York radio hosts she listened to the rappers in college, but both artists hadn’t appeared on an album by the time she finished school!

Harris Admitting She Smoked Weed !

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at least she's seeing the error in her ways, like all prohibitionists when the tax dollars start seriously rolling in..

The only big contradictions to legalization of MJ is the pharma industry and the politicians .... just like the arms and weapon industry, the lobbyists play a huge role in Congress.

She's a brave woman to talk about the legalization of Maryjane. We need more people like her to get a 75% vote.