Mrs. Ratajkowski & Enormous Joint

10 months ago


As #Marijuana spreads throughout Twitter and Instagram, more and more celebrities are willing to admit they love weed, and more and more people seem to be competing in a hottest celebrities who smoke weed competition. The combination of #Cannabis and social media has opened up a whole new world where you can see beautiful buds and sexy #Celebrities all on one screen!


The model and actress born in London to American parents, and raised mainly in San Diego, California, Emily O'Hara Ratajkowski (Born June 7, 1991) likes to post sexy photos of herself on Instagram, likes to smoke #Pot, the reason why she poses with a spliff, when she was in Italy and looks to be having a fabulous time. She was, of course, been chronicling her trip on social media including showing off what appears to be an enormous #Joint!

She rose to fame in 2013, after appearing topless in the music video for Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines, which became the number-one song of the year in several countries, and she has appeared also in a handful of movies like, Gone Girl & Entourage.

She has admitted she enjoys smoking the #Weed, which is legal when used for recreational purposes in California, she revealed she experimented with weed when she was 15, despite her parents’ disapproval, and admitted she turned up to the theatre to meet her parents afterwards. She told British GQ in 2015:

I had friends whose parents would smoke weed with them, but that was not the case with mine.

Ratajkowski Heads to Marijuana Dispensary

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All those celebrities purposely shot smoking weed wanna get the attention they needed to tell the world they are cool! And it's a free self advertisement ..why not! will surely enhance their careers and get noticed by producers..


Whatever their reason is — in the 60s and 70s celebrities did coke and LSD — each new celebrity “coming out” is a further endorsement of the legitimacy of the product and a billboard for wider propagation and in the battle against the prohibition.

Do they want to get attention? Yeah, attention is the currency for celebrities but then again... in CA it’s sorta forced on the people. Because you’re cool or you’re cool in California and cool kids smoke dope latest since Woodstock.

I had watched this girl in a couple of movies but I had no idea what it was called, or who it was, by chance yesterday I saw a movie where it appears, in one of the scenes is in Las vegas smoking a joint and rescued at a party where she embarked, that girl reflects much sensuality.