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If you spend few minutes to read the following about Marijuana Ambassador, you’ll be swept away by his genuine positivity for all things #Cannabis.

He was the guy who teaching his hip-hop fans "How to Roll a Blunt" in 1993. He may be the only guy in the game not trying to get rich off the #Marijuana industry, the industry he helped pave the way for through his tireless promotion of the plant.

Marijuana Ambassador's Guide to Rolling a Blunt

He played shows at the Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam, and his favorite Cannabis Cup memory was taking a photo with the legendary Jack Herer, before he passed. He said:

We rolled a big hash blunt—a big, fat slab of hash, spread that shit out and put marijuana in it, rolled the whole fucking hash slab with weed in it, and that shit was amazing.

Eddy Lepp, Redman and Jack Herer

He’s the nonpareil rhyme-maker and blazing performer who’s accomplished success through his solo work, mixtape mastery and long-time collaboration with Method Man, including the legendary #Stoner Comedy Movie How High, the instant cult classic, the Halfbaked for the new age, the movie where the pair of rap artists smoked a special weed that got them into Harvard.

THCinema / How High

So, Who is The Marijuana Ambassador !

He is the guy who was expelled from Montclair State University due to his poor academic performance, and kicked out of his mother house for cocaine selling, the young DJ-MC who went by the name DJ Kut-Killa to rose to fame in the early 1990s as an artist on the Def Jam label, the one-half of the rap duo Method Man & Redman.


He is the rapper, DJ, record producer, actor and Ambassador For Cannabis, Reginald Noble (Born April 17, 1970), known by his stage name Redman, who freestyled a song describing himself as a rapper using every letter in the alphabet, from A to Z. He is the guy that he likes to smoke Sour Diesel, because it gives him energy and good motivation. He said:

I like to work a lot, I’m in a studio maybe 16 hours a day. Sour Diesel is one of my favorites, as I like to be energized, I like to be creative.

Ready Roc - Sour Deezal

Redman & Historic Cannabis

In a video posted on Instagram, Redman shared the discovery with his 1.2 million followers. He said his mom, who made sure the artist didn’t use her name in the post, found the baggies, which were still packed full of what he estimated to be at least 20 Years Old Bud ! He said:

If you don’t know what that bag is, it’s from one of the east coast riders of marijuana... Branson, baby. That’s an official Branson bag.

If it really is 20 years old, then it’s unlikely to be especially potent. So perhaps he’s better to hold it on to the antiquity, or even donating it to Weedmaps Museum, what you think !


Redman & Cannabis Industry

Redman has made a lifestyle out of weed over the years, he’s released numerous songs about the herb, worked on pot-themed movie, launched a 420-themed clothing line, and even invested in a cannabis-related app, but when he was asked, why hasn’t he capitalized on making money off the plant that he has been promoting for years? He said:

I’m in it for the help and for the knowledge and to really help people. I’m glad people can enjoy this plant that we’ve been talking about for years, and I hope that y’all help legalize this plant through all 50 states.

And this is why I called him, the Marijuana Ambassador, but most likely, he will continue his activism for the cannabis community, Developing A New Cannabis Brand ! Time will tell...


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So interesting information about this man. Thank you for sharing. I don't know why people never get the point that Marijuana is so helpful to those who have pain.

good to know him...amazing