Mr. & Mrs. THC / Mrs. Streisand - Theater’s Green Room & Pot Smoking Monologue

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Her extensive resume and widely celebrated singing and acting career spans decades. Her talent is indisputable. She has been awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, along with Congresswoman Barbara Mikulski, who introduced an amendment to prohibit the Department of Justice & Drug Enforcement Administration from using money to interfere in state Medical #Marijuana Laws !

While the Singer & Actress is known for her legendary grace on the Broadway stage, backstage she was smoking some of the best #Weed in Hollywood. Apparently, she used to light Joints for many of the band members that would hang out in the theater’s Green Room before shows, and eventually worked her way into some good Connections For Great Dope !

Remember, this was way before a dispensary dotted every corner of Los Angeles. Who would have thought she is the person to hit up for good weed? Yes, she used to Smoke Weed Publicly, on stage?! As in:

Hi there, I’m Barbra Streisand, I’m going to talk to you about pot and basically smoke a joint.


Barbra Streisand & Pot Monologue

Barbra Joan Streisand(Born April 24, 1942) is an American singer, songwriter, actress, director and producer of two Academy Awards, 8 Grammy Awards, 5 Emmy Awards, a Golden Globe Award, a Special Tony Award, an AFI Award, and a Kennedy Award, and Peabody, and is one of 12 artists who have won both the Oscar, Emmy, Grammy and Tony awards. (at least one each).

#Funny Monologue About Pot Smoking !

Barbra Streisand & Relaxation

The legendary singer and actress enjoyed #Smoking marijuana with British comedy legend Peter Sellers. The revelation came after she was prompted by her co-star, Seth Rogen, who called the tale The greatest story of all time.

The strange thing that, she didn't toke up, on or off screen with Seth Rogen. Rogen admitted: "She wouldn’t smoke weed with me. I tried, but she wouldn’t do it. I don’t think she would’ve functioned well on it, honestly. She’s kind of an over-functioner as it is."

Her preferred method of relaxation was weed, as she recounted to Rolling Stone in 1971:

I'd take out a joint and light it. First, just faking it. Then I started lighting live joints, passing them around to the band, you know. I was great, it relieved all my tensions. And I ended up with the greatest supply of grass ever. Other acts up and down the Strip heard about what I was doing - Little Anthony and the Imperials, people like that - and started sending me the best dope in the world. I never ran out.


Gerard Butler got stoned at one of Barbra Streisand concert. He told Jimmy KimmelI was at her concert and a friend gave him a bite of a cookie. He said: "It turned out it was a little bit of a hash cookie, and I hadn't really had hash cookies. And I got sooooo stoned".


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