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#Cannabis, what used to be broken down, packed, rolled, smoked and inhaled behind closed doors is now a larger part of today's society. It's saving the lives of those such as ScHoolboy Q, the inspiration for new businesses and has even helped Snoop Dogg with his impressive Painting Skills !


Of course, Rappers smoke #Weed as much as water is wet, so now the weed has become #Legalized in several states, they've taken full advantage of it, besides the obvious, as many of our favorite Rappers Have Their Very Own Weed Strains.

To further capitalize off expanding their brand, Hip-Hop's Weed-Loving set has entered the #Dispensary, rolling papers, vape pens and edibles market that can be found in the great states of Colorado & California.


Hip-Hop Artists have made #Marijuana one of the top five biggest topics rapped about in the last two decades. One of those songs is The Game - California Vacation (Ft Snoop Dogg and Xzibit):

Get a blunt, roll the weed, light it up Nigga sippin on gin n juice, fill up ya cups nigga The west-coast is back crackin like its 94'

California Vacation

Who Is Mr. Joiner / Xzibit !

He is the rapper turned Empire Actor, his name is Alvin Nathaniel Joiner (Born September 18, 1974) known by his stage name Xzibit, he is the American Rapper, actor and music producer and now The Cannabis Mogul.

Originally from Detroit, Michigan, Xzibit began rapping at 14 because his parents did not approve of rap and would not even let him listen to it, so he decided the next best thing was to write his own.


It took coming to California, being consistent and meeting the right people that made him take it seriously. He is also known for hosting the MTV show Pimp My Ride. He is releasing an album every two years from his debut in 1996. He’s made his mark in the Entertainment Industry, and now he’s making his mark in the Cannabis Industry with a full line of products available in California.

Xzibit Smoking Weed at Green House Coffee Shop

Xzibit & Grow House Movie

Back In Early 2017, few days before 4/20, Xzibit, DJ Pooh, Snoop & Lil Duval hit up The Los Angeles W Hotel for an interview about their upcoming Grow House movie. TMZ reports that the weed loving squad were set to be interviewed by Civilized, but upon being left to their own devices, the West Coast OGs decided to spark some up.


The Weed's Smoke set off the Hotel's Fire Alarm System, leading to a mass exodus of hotel patrons. Everyone who's ever experienced a false fire drill can confirm that it's mildly irritating at best, and the staff hardly seemed amused at the situation. The Grow House Crew, however, seemed to find the whole thing rather Hilarious.

Grow House / Los Angeles W Hotel

Xzibit & Brass Knuckles Brand

He Smoked Publicly Before It Was Legal, smoking is not a big deal to him, what may be a big deal to a lot of others that seek out the good cannabis products, the reason why he went into cannabis industry. When he was asked: "Why Brass Knuckles?" He said:

It’s the brain child bunch of guys … It’s gunna knock you the f**k out.

#Music is the nucleus of everything for him. Xzibit started in the #Creative space for music, it’s how he communicates, everything branches out from that, it’s the cool factor. Watch the below video, to see how he sitting between 3C Planet OG X & 3C Blucifer, promoting Brass Knuckles Brand and talking about the cannabis industry.

XZIBIT Between Two Strains

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I remember watching Pimp My Ride as a kid back on MTV, when MTV was still MTV.


Best thing is I watched it while being paranoid hoping no one would see my red eyes! feels like yesterday!


I heard him talk about Brass Knuckles recently on Mike Tyson’s podcast

Haven’t heard much about the products, however, I briefly recall a lawsuit against the company last year. Some “Investor Relations” issues 😎