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11 months ago


Mr. Epps can easily call himself a Boss, as he has multiple vesture labels, a restaurant,
and new line of luxury beds. But he’s also one of rap’s best-known Cannabis Connoisseurs at a moment when #Marijuana is as mainstream as it has ever been, thanks to the increased decriminalization across the country, most notably in California, where Proposition 64 legalized recreational use in November 2016. He said:

Some people that smoke with me get lazy. But I’m a mature hustler, an executive boss. I’m rare.


Back in early 2015, he made headlines for calmly debating Nancy Grace on legalization, advocating for individual responsibility ("Everybody has the ability to get their hands on weed now, whether it’s legal or not") and referencing overcrowded prisons and taxpayer money wasted on policing. He said:

People get locked up for a bag of weed; it affects their future. I’m sure [legalization] would affect city and state governments in positive ways.


Mr. Epps reflects on his Life-Long Habit. He smoked with his mother, his father, his friends. He said:

I’ve been doing it since I was 14. I got thrown out of high school for smoking weed. I sold weed. This isn’t something I do because it’s cool.


On the weekend of April 20 in 2015, he tried to smoke "The largest spliff" roughly the size of a paper-towel roll with Snoop. He has sampled 24-karat gold-covered joints, smoked out of a $10,000 Bong "Picasso of bongs" and once tried a selection of ultra-prime #Weed and paraphernalia worth half a million dollars.

Mr. Epps / 2 Chainz / Tity Boi

The one-half of the Southern hip hop duo Playaz Circle, the 42 year old American Rapper born Tauheed Epps on September 12, 1977 in Georgia, is known professionally as 2 Chainz / self-described "Casual Smoker", the songwriter and media personality. Ever since his early days performing as Tity Boi, he has dropped #Pot references in his music. His hit, "Duffle Bag Boy" (With Playaz Circle in 2007), begins, "Weed and syrup til I die."

Today, 2 Chainz is perusing the array of THC candies, tinctures and "Snake Venom Goji Cream" in the backroom of the Alternative Herbal Health Services dispensary, his local in West Hollywood. Inhaling deeply from a #Joint. He said:

I’ve always smoked while I’m working. This happens every night, whether the cameras are on or off. This is the lifestyle that people have to accept from me.


2 Chainz & Weed / $50,000 Bonjo Rig

2 Chainz was arrested for marijuana possession, he was en route to perform at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, when the van he was traveling in with six other people was pulled over by the police. Gossip Cop reports that he was Charged With Possession Of Marijuana and drug paraphernalia, and was later released with a citation, but not before he posed with the arresting officers for a photo.


Marijuana has evolved over the years, and has grown exponentially over the past five. From smoking on brick weed, to now having beautifully extracted pure THC Crystals worth thousands, the marijuana industry has grown up. 2 Chainz is known as one of the head honchos of cannabis in the hip hop world, with a passion for trying out Connoisseur Class Cannabis.

Watch 2 Chainz as he dives into some of the most expensive bongs ($50,000 Bonjo Rig), rolled joints (a $3,000 gun blunt) and extracts that are hard to find with Dr Dina for GQ’s Most Expensive Shit series.

2 Chainz & GAS Cannabis Co

2 Chainz has partnered with Green Street Agency to create his own marijuana business, GAS Cannabis Co. 10 month ago he was in Los Angeles promoting his new premium #Cannabis brand, Gas Cannabis, which includes dried flower, concentrates, and premium quality pre-rolls. They’re the only strains he’ll smoke. He revealed,

Since I was a teenager, I’ve been hand-to-hand with some of this stuff (marijuana). But today, it’s official. I have my own cannabis line, finally. No middle-man, but legal cannabis. It’s called GAS. You’ll hear more about it. It’s a good day.


The Strains go under the name Octane. 87 is the weakest strain, followed by 89 and then 93. The higher numbers correlate with a more potent and expensive product. He said:

93 Octane got me gassed up. 89 is a premium product, at an affordable price. 87 as the best affordable weed.

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