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He had the distinction of being one of the first modern #Celebrities who was well known to be a junkie due to his arrests in the sixties and seventies. His lifestyle wasn't as rash as it looked, as if it was that careless he wouldn't be alive now. He has something that drives him to keep going. He said:

Hopefully…we’ll never give up. They’ll have to shovel us in the grave. We feel like we’re still evolving and I think you have to feel that way...


He has the physical constitution of "English Oak", he is a hard-bitten, experienced realist. He has rarely been disappointed, because he knows better than to have unrealistic expectations. He appears to have a natural resistance to despair, depression, anxiety or negativity.

When he used, he had access to quality drugs, instead of the heavily-adulterated crap. He know how to navigate a genuinely drug world so well. He is clever drug user in terms of what he would and wouldn't take, and how much he would take.

In his biography, he claims to be a very careful and considerate drug user, he considers overdosing on guests to be quite rude. He clearly knows that he has limits, and he has adjusted accordingly. He knew how high to get without overdosing. He said in his autobiography "Life", the secret to his longevity is that the drugs he took were of a high quality. He wrote:

I’d never put more in to get a little higher. That’s where most f*** up.

His heroes are people who are also known for their longevity and for their pursuit of something that they knew they'd never catch. He has no end destination. He does what he loves, and he does it well. The drug, the music, his family that ultimately mattered more to this day and his eveyday's morning #Joint and that is why he is still here.


Keith's Arrests

The Rolling Stones have a long history with drug arrests. Jagger and Richards were first arrested in 1967 after a police raid at Richards’ house. In a separate incident, then-guitarist "Brian Jones" was arrested and charged with possession of #Marijuana. Both Jagger and Richards were arrested several more times, with Jones dying two years later in what many have called a drug-related death.

For the "Rolling Stones" guitarist and co-principal songwriter "Keith Richards", this was his most famous drugs bust. He faced 25 charges in all, but in the true piratical spirit of rock'n'roll he walked away with just a £250 fine because it was obvious even to the judge that the police were trying to stitch him up.

When "Chelsea Drug Squad" raided his home in June 1973, they found a collection of grass, #Cannabis resin, Chinese heroin, mandrax tablets, burnt spoons, pipes, a .38 Smith and Wesson revolver, a shotgun and 110 rounds of ammunition.


He claimed, he was renting the house and he was just staying overnight after a late night finish to a long recording session, and the shotgun was an antique children's miniature made by a French nobleman in the 1880s.

Richards mentions this was the only charge he pleaded not guilty to, and the police action so infuriated the judge that he gave him a £10 fine for each charge.

The insignificant nature of the offences explain why the rock'n'roll hero escaped on this occasion with a fine rather than a Captain Sparrow' style victory.

However, the most serious charges the guitarist faced resulted from his arrest on 27 Feb 1977, as he was about to risk 10 years jail in Canada for 10g of marijuana and a spoon containing traces of heroin on it, but "His Blind Angel" from Toronto, "Rita Bedard" got him off a Canadian drug charge!

Keith Richards Arrest 1977

Richards quit heroin in 1978, and cocaine in 2006 after he fell from a tree in Fiji and needed "Brain Surgery". Since then, longtime druggie Richards became sober, except for "The Early Morning Joint", that he smokes regularly, it is "Strictly Californian Joint". He said:

I love my weed. To me, pot is just fun. And I’m glad to see the rest of the country is coming around to my way of seeing things. One of the most pleasant things to watch is a map of America, where it goes, green...


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For years I had this grief that something significant is missing in my life, after reading this most innovative post I feel extremely fortunate and now I have no desires left. My life is complete and blessed.

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Does it seem heroin is just a very fucked up drug? reading every sad story of great folks addicted to heroin makes me wonder how bad the drug is.