High History / Part XXXXXIV / Terence Kemp McKenna & Cannabis Trialogue

11 months ago


Some in the spiritual community feel that cannabis hinders creativity and the expansion of consciousness. Others are in favor of it but don’t advocate daily use, while some believe it should be used as much as possible.

He was definitely in the latter category. He used cannabis regularly as a creative aid meant to induce higher consciousness, bring a sense of mental clarity and make the expression of deep thought easier. He didn’t consider its use something to be ashamed of, but embraced. He said:

Cannabis for me was really a turning point. I remember the first time I smoked cannabis and I realized, aha! I can be a normal person with this stuff.


He smoked Cannabis for the first time during Easter vacation in 1965 when he was 18 years old. He, along with his brother, developed a technique for Cultivating Psilocybin Mushrooms using spores they brought to America from the Amazon.


He was an American Ethnobotanist, mystic, psychonaut, lecturer, author, and an advocate for the responsible use of naturally occurring Psychedelic Plants. He described the effect cannabis had on his interaction with others:

The mere smoking of a small amount of vegetable material could completely invert the structures of my personality and socialize me, as it were, into a reasonably functioning member of the community in which I found myself.


His name is Terence Kemp McKenna (November 16, 1946 – April 3, 2000), who had inherited "The Programming" as he called it, from his "Middle Class Straight Parents" that "The Road To Hell Was Paved" with Cannabis.

His dreams became more vivid, but his personality and the ambition that drove him to write, give lectures and publicly endorse psychedelics remained the same.


He was an intellectual who was just as interested in what the herb can for the mind as the body and soul, so it was easier for him to replace his daily habit with reading. He said:

If I don’t smoke pot for a week, I become very attentive to stuff like balancing my checkbook.

TKM & Cannabis Trialogue

Not only did the herb help him function normally, it opened his mind to new intellectual and spiritual territory. When he did smoke it, he was able to "read and scan through a vast intellectual world" composed of everything in his mind – books he’d read, musings on the content or philosophical message in such books, interactions with family and friends, etc.


Cannabis brings him transcendence by opening new doors in the mind and helped with his social relations. He was always so alienated and peculiar. When he was asked in "Cannabis Trialogue", why you smoke cannabis, McKenna explains how the herb helps the creative process:

  • Cannabis Thins the Boundary Between the Conscious and Unconscious Mind. He said:
If you smoke cannabis, the energy which would normally be channeled into dreams is instead manifest in the reveries of the cannabis intoxication.
  • Cannabis Seems to Dissolve a Local, Personalistic Perspective. McKenna explained:
If I don't smoke cannabis, I worry about balancing my checkbook, the state of my immediate short-term career concerns.
  • Cannabis Allows One to Be Surprised by One's Own Knowledge. He said:
What I really value about cannabis is the way in which it allows one to be taken by surprise by unexpected ideas.
  • Cannabis Allowed McKenna to Work Twice or Three Times as Long as Normal. He said:
I find that when I'm writing books that I can only write for about three hours, or I smoke hashish and twenty minutes later I'm ready to go two hours more at it—and I can do that twice in a day.
  • Cannabis Improved McKenna's Verbal Facility. He said:
I was able to hold forth for an hour in a pseudo Melvillian style I created on the spot without hesitation—a short story in the style of Herman Melville that was dazzling, apparently, to my hearers.
  • Cannabis Improved McKenna's Sexual Performance. He discovered, gave him "An incredible ability to control my ejaculation" while also increasing his "Sexual Stamina."

Despite the growing number of people who are aware of the herb’s ability to expand the mind and enliven creativity, we have yet to take a serious look at how it helps us in this way or why so many creative thinkers are passionate about it.


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I am of the opinion it should be taking daily... as a single mother...i take it daily to boost my creativity and inspiration to soar higher like a tigeress against all men and sunder...weed the lord of all.

I believe as there are so many different kinds of people and different kind s of ways. For some daily is better when for some occasional. It all depends on the person.


You are absolutely right.