High History / Part XXXXVIII / Nostradamus & Marijuana Prediction

8 months ago


Nostradamus was a seerer who brought to the world His Visions of the future, personal and universal symbology and interpretations. He was an alchemist, doctor, astrologer, seer and after 500 years remains the foremost prophet of all time.

Nostradamus was a French psychic born in 1503 who published his book of predictions, called The Centuries, were published from 1555 to 1557. He wrote about Tree Of Life and he Predicted The Prohibition Of Cannabis !

The Lost Book of Nostradamus – Plate 10

Cannabis Was The Tree Of Life

The Tree Of Life can be found throughout countless different cultures and holds meaningful spiritual significance. The Tree of Life contains a balance of energy and ideas.

It is the tree of life that connects all forms of creation throughout the universe. The tree of life meaning is one of deep spiritual symbolism and is perhaps the most well-known symbol in sacred geometry.


Besides the use of entheogens and predictions of an apocalyptic "Consummation Of The Age", many Gnostic Texts & The Book of Revelation are similar in that both make reference to the rediscovery of a certain long forbidden tree. In both cases this is one of the key issues of the ancient prophecies.

The Gnostic author’s reference to "The Incense Of Life" certainly brings to mind Revelation’s description of the Tree Of Life.

The oldest of the Gnostic sects, the pre-Christian Ophites, refer distinctly to their anointing oil as coming from the Tree of Life itself. Not surprisingly, The Use Of Cannabis in the Jewish and Christian holy oils and incense has been documented, giving clearer indications that Cannabis Was The Tree of Life of the ancient Jews and first Christians.


Quatrains of Nostradamus & Hemp

Nostradamus completed a total of 942 quatrains which he organized into Centuries - groups of 100 quatrains (one Century only had 42 quatrains). A quatrain is simply a poem with 4 lines.

In Century IX, Verse 51 of the Quatrains, he wrote:

"Against the red ones sects will unite,
Fire, water, iron, the rope through peace will be destroyed,
At the point of dying are those who plot,
Except one who above all will ruin the world."

The First Line of this quatrain seems disjointed from the rest. Nostradamus states that different sects will unite against the red ones, which usually means Catholic cardinals. This may refer to the growing influence and power of Christian Protestants and the decline of the Church, or alternatively, the churches uniting against the atheistic "Reds" of Russia.

The Next Line is analogous to the industrial revolution of the 19th and 20th centuries. Fire for energy, water for irrigation, and iron for industry. The Rope historically was made with hemp. During the time of the industrial revolution, the Hemp Industries became weaker as its basic products were replaced with non-renewable resources.

Timber replaced hemp in paper and building supplies. Fossil fuels replaced hemp sails to power ships, transportation and industry. Steel cables, then nylon, replaced hemp ropes. Cotton became the main textile fabric.

Then came the federal US Ban On Hemp Under The Name #Marijuana. During World War II the ban was suspended, but during the relatively peaceful half-century that followed, war was declared on hemp and billions of dollars spent to suppress the crop which was once required to be grown.

The Closing Two Lines may depict near-fatal environmental destruction that overcomes the planet as a result of industrial pollution and deforestation. Those who cause the pollution fall victim to their own schemes. In the end, however, the main culprit who ruins the world manages to escape. Perhaps this reflects the ability of the wealthy to avoid the consequences of their ecological crimes, while the negative effects and costs are borne by the rest of society.


Reference & Photos / Tree of Life / Century IX / Quatrains /

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As soon as I saw "Nostradamus" in the title I knew I had to stop over and read... not a conspiracy theorist or anything... but yeah maybe I am.

That guy knew what he was talking about.

Very interesting quatrain you chose here. Has me intrigued.

Did Nostradamus really speak of cannabis/hemp way back then?
After all, wasn't he considered an alchemist (which was as bad as being considered a witch) and you were punished with death?

Very interesting quatrain you chose here.
The first time when I read it was 43 years ago but to be honest I did not know what he mean then, when he said "The rope through peace will be destroyed" 43 Years passed to understand what he want to say. hehe I hope is not so late.. Thanks for reply and support.

nostra nostra nostra


Interesting story about Nustradamus prediction. A good story.