High History / Part XXXIX / The Famed U.S. Army General - The First Frontier President

5 months ago


He is rumored to have smoked #Marijuana with his troops. He reportedly fought in the American Revolution at age 13, and rose through the ranks to become a general and help win the War of 1812. It was his military career that propelled him to the presidency.

He probably said while high:

No, however what if someday they place my face on money? That would be crazy, right?

Happy or Sad !

They placed his face on money. The 1914 series $10 bill was made of hemp. This $10 bill bears the signature of Andrew W. Mellon, the Secretary of the Treasury under multiple presidential administrations.

If you watch the below video you will see that, the $10 bill of a Hemp Harvest that was printed right on the money.

$10 bill of a Hemp Harvest

So Who Was The Famed U.S. Army General ?

He is Andrew Jackson (March 15, 1767 - June 8, 1845). He was an statesman, US soldier and the seventh POTUS from 1829 to 1837. Before being elected president, Jackson gained fame as a general in the United States Army and served in both chambers of Congress. As president, Jackson sought to promote the rights of the "Common Man" against a "Corrupt Aristocracy" and to preserve the Union.

Feel free to enjoy the below video to know some facts about the controversial presidency of the first Frontier president.

The First Frontier President & Marijuana

If we drop a Look at Andrew Jackson’s eyes and hair, we will see that dude got high. During his time in the military, he wrote in letters about Smoking Cannabis with the troops. Now that we know cannabis has incredible effectiveness in fighting Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, it is clear Andrew Jackson was ahead of the curve.

Seeker reports that Jackson openly used the cannabis on occasion. He used it, as well as tobacco cigars, at least during wartime. No word on if he combined the two items into Elevated Blunts!



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Not sure how war and smoking weed goes together...perhaps some other heavy subbstances.

Unfortunatly, I personally had to serve 3 years in a mandatory military service,
I can say that i was smoking almost since i could cranck up a lighter, but 3 years in the army were the only 2 (missed a year?!) that i wasnt smoking.

Not sure how all those guys combined weed and war, for me those two are an oxymoron, but hey who knows...

I vote for weed any day!

Thanks for the lesson!


Weed can help you cope with war & alleviate PTSD though


While the 14th POTUS Franklin Pierce fighting the Mexican-American war, he wrote a letter to his family, he said Smoking Marijuana with his troops was “About the only good thing” in the war.

Thanks for great and continued support to my work.


Agreed..Marijuana is peace, not war.


True dat!


You are right / The war and smoking weed do not go together / I do not associate the war and weed but if you check all the High history Series, you will find few people that smoked the weed during the war / Thanks for support.


On this i can absolutly agree! Perhaps not during the war, but after it you need all the weed you can get!

Keep up with the great work.
I vote for a history lesson from way before that, perhaps thousand of years back?! ;)

As i read the starting few lines, my curiosity was growing higher amd finally Mr. Jackson.. Great smoky personality :)

Great history.i appreciate your hunting marijuana history. thanks:D

@lordoftruth - I love your history lessons.

Fun and informative. Thank you for your work

Still an ongoing series I enjoy quite much, as well as yours on 1stoner films...

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Indeed, I hope you join my #contest, Friend!
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