High History / Part XXIII / Andre Breton

9 months ago


If you still need a validation for your #Weed Habit, from someone who’s been dead for more than 50 years ago? Here ya go.

From the Hashish in Breton to the Hashish in Golo Genre Fluidity and International Imaginaries in Egyptian Surrealism !

Surrealism in Egypt:

  • Art et Liberté is the first comprehensive Museum exhibition about Surrealist Collective Art et Liberté. The group was made up of surrealist writers, artists, and political activists working in Cairo.


  • Liberty Group was founded upon the 1938 publication of their manifesto "Long Live Degenerate Art", it provided a restless generation with a platform for cultural and political reform. The love story, The Girl and the Hashish-Smoker, first published in Cairo in 1940.

Inji Efflatoun / Untitled 1942

French surrealists Andre Breton:
He avocated Hashish Use, comparing it to Surrealism by saying that:

Surrealism occurs as a new vice which does not necessarily seem to be restricted to the happy few; like hashish, it has the ability to satisfy all manner of tastes.

When Grass is a Source of Inspiration / Painting of Andre Breton

So Who Was He !

  • Andre Breton (18 February 1896 - September 28, 1966) was a French poet, essayist, writer, editor, critic, initiator and anti-fascist.

  • He is known best as the Co-founder, leader, principal theorist and chief apologist of Surrealism, along with Paul Eluard, Luis Bunuel Salvador Dalí (among others).


  • Breton's Surrealistic Manifestations, contain the most important theoretical exposures of the movement.

  • His writings include the first Surrealism Art Movement ( Manifeste du surréalisme ) of 1924, in which he defined surrealism as "Pure Psychic Automatism".

Andre Breton & Manifesto Of Surrealism

He tried Tripping With Hashish, for Breton the need to write had not been primarily literary but rather a similar experience occurring through Hashish Consumption !

Andre Breton Wrote:

" Surrealism does not allow those who devote themselves to it to forsake it whenever they like. It creates a certain state of need and can push man to frightful revolts. It also is an artificial paradise. Surrealism occurs as a new vice which does not necessarily seem to be restricted to the happy few; like hashish, it has the ability to satisfy all manner of tastes"

For the full Surrealist Manifesto ( Definitely worth a read ), feel free to Click Here !

Video Via YouTube


Reference & Photos / High Times / Wikipedia / Tripping With Hashish / Hashish Consumption / Surrealist Manifesto /

Before Prohibition, when #Cannabis plants grew freely, many of Notable People throughout #History, created necessary contributions to the event of common Cannabis Usage, throughout the ages, from ancient civilizations, to queens, to presidents, to emperors. So, if missed out one celebrity of High History Series,

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Gosh, I can’t stand the man. All he did was the first manifesto and after that he was too focused on 1UP’ing the almighty Dali and making sure he was still regarded the leader of the surrealist movement.

Of course, I’m biased. What did you expect, I’ve visited the Dali museums in Figueras and Barcelona more than 10 times each. Also regularly went to Cadaques, even visited the house where he passed away.

Because you can’t also be Batman, always be Dali when you can.


I did not visit the museum, but to be honest I like the concept of Surrealism and I mention him in High History Series as another validation for my weed habit.


Dadaism and surrealism were two very strong, and influential, movements. But Breton was driven purely by narcissism and that’s saying coming from a Dali fan.

It was a glorious art era, and for drugs, with before that Jugendstill and also Bauhaus before 1924/26. And even before that Impressionism, of course.

I recently saw a crowdsourced ranking site had Dali as most under influence of drugs celebrities/artists..


Indeed was a great art then, by the way I did not know about his narcissism! Let us forgive him for his contributions...
Thanks for great support and useful comment.

Loved the video.. History and cannabis beautifully combined