High History / Part XVIII / Margaret Mead

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An Cultural Anthropologist, that time named her "Mother of the World", she had a great deal of concern about the role of science and technology in world politics.

She testified before Congress in favor of the legalization of #Marijuana
on October 27, 1969, and she told Newsweek in 1970 that
she had tried it once herself.

So Who Was "Mother of the World"?

  • She is Margaret Mead (Born on December 16, 1901). She graduated from Barnard College, where she studied economics and sociology. Here she became interested in anthropology.

  • In September 1923, she married Luther Cressman, passing to the Baptist religion, willingly. Continuing her studies, she had the opportunity to do fieldwork in Samoa.

  • She studied Manu teens with American adolescents, completing her ethnographic studies and discovering that personality is influenced by culture, not by genetic material.

  • On the way back, she met anthropologist Reo Fortune, who became her husband as soon as she divorced Luther. After her experience in Samoa, she published the work Coming of Age in Samoa.


  • In December 1931 she traveled to New Guinea to study the Arapesh culture and later Mudugumor and Chambuli. Cultural differences led to the publication of another work Sex and Temperament in Three Primitive Societies.

  • Margaret Mead also participated in numerous projects in Bali where she could see much more about cultural diversity. Here she met Gregory Bateson, another anthropologist whom he fell in love with and married after divorcing Reo Fortune.

  • Margaret Mead has studied numerous cultures with different values. She intended to destroy the idea that roles were innate and unchangeable. She founded the idea that feminine and masculine attributes were determined by the systematic effort of parents, not the differentiation of sexual identity.

  • Margaret Mead died in 1978 and when she died, she was the most famous anthropologist in the world. She was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom following her death in 1978.

Margaret Mead & Marijuana

The most famous anthropologist in the world, told the American Senate that pot should be legal. She Was Vocal In Her Cannabis support as early as 1969, when Margaret Mead provides testimony to Congress.

In her testimony, she said,
“It is my considered opinion at present that marihuana is not harmful unless it is taken in enormous and excessive amounts. I believe that we are damaging this country, damaging our law, our whole law enforcement situation, damaging the trust between the older people and younger people by its prohibition, and this is far more serious than any damage that might be done to a few overusers, because you can get damage from any kind of overuse.”


Margaret Mead Quotes

Video Via YouTube

Enjoy the words of wisdom in these famous Margaret Mead quotes. She was born in Philadelphia, PA, USA. She was an cultural anthropologist and an author on the topic.

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She sounds like a truely amazing woman. I never heard of her before now, thanks for that.

Seems like exquisite person


Indeed, she was extremely beautiful and so exquisite. / The sad fact, was the incredibly criticism and harassment from her opponents, when she told the US Senate that marijuana should be legal.