High History / Part XIII / Louisa May Alcott

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You more than likely know Louisa May Alcott, the author. But what you may not know is her experience with Hashish!

I am not saying that using Marijuana will definitely make you a success in life, like Louisa's success, although it would be less preposterous than the oft-repeated claims that it will lead to certain failure.

If you're a extremely actuated, talented, and untiring individual, Marijuana won’t suddenly bring you the triumph. Likewise, using the herb won’t immediately transform a no-hoper into a champion!

Louisa May Alcott's Promotion of Cannabis

Louisa May Alcott (1832- 1888) was an American short story writer and poet best known as the Author Of The Novel Little Women.

She wrote some very interesting short pieces about #Hashish, that indicate she may have partaken at some point, and not found the experience at all distasteful.

A story called; Perilous Play involves two would-be lovers getting high, getting lost in a boat, and inexplicably ending up engaged.


In her story, she describes them as that Indian Stuff which brings Fantastic Visions!

"Oh, yes; it’s that Indian stuff which brings one fantastic visions, isn’t it? I’ve always wanted to see and taste it, and now I will,"


Louisa's tale Perilous Play (1869)

In 1869, Alcott published Perilous Play, a short story in which a southern belle and her friends experiment with Cannabis, wherein a group of young socialites enjoys Hashish bon-bons. The results are unexpected…

  • She confesses that she tries the Hashish because:
    "I hoped it would make me soft and lovable, like other women. I'm tired of being a lonely statue."

  • It ends with her love interest declaring:
    "Heaven bless hashish if its dreams end like this!"

  • Louisa's description of the effects of Hashish in Perilous Play, certainly suggests either an incomparable imagination or a Familiarity with Cannabis!


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