High History / Part X / Cannabis Club (1844-1849)

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Before Prohibition, when #Cannabis plants grew freely, many of Notable People throughout #History, came together to enjoy What God Gave Us, and created necessary contributions to the event of common Cannabis Usage, whether they promoted growing weed, took a number of puffs, or used the Medical #Marijuana throughout the ages, from ancient civilizations, to queens, to presidents, to emperors.

If you enjoyed reading about the Famed Egyptian Ruler / Ramesses The Great, The Sonnet 76 / William Shakespeare, The Fifth President of the United States / James Monroe, how the Tincture of Cannabis helped / Queen Victoria out of her difficulties, the Extraordinary Cache of unearthed well preserved Cannabis plants / Marijuana Inside The Tomb, the Chinese Surgeon / Hua Tuo, the Father of Modern Marijuana Medicine / William Brooke O'Shaughnessy, the Cannabis use in Ancient Greeks / Herodotus, Democritus & Dioscorides, and about the Ottomon Sultan Abdülaziz I / Ottoman Empire, then it is the time to know about the Cannabis Club (1844-1849) !

Cannabis Club (1844-1849)


  • In 1798, Napoleon Invaded Egypt, and his soldiers had made a new discovery - Hashish - possession and consumption and when the troops came home, they brought cannabis with them. The upshot was its gradual popularisation in Europe, particularly in France.

  • In 1840, Dr Jacques-Joseph Moreau swallowed some cannabis, with the intention of reporting on its intoxicating effects. He experienced a mixture of euphoria, hallucination and an extremely rapid flow of ideas.

  • In 1844, Moreau met the French philosopher Théophile Gautier (1811-1872). Gautier was impressed by Moreau's description of Cannabis as "An Intellectual Intoxication", preferable to the "Ignoble Heavy Drunkenness" of alcohol.


Club Des Hashischins (The Hashischins Club)

  • Gautier brought with him Alexandre Dumas, Gérard de Nerval, Victor Hugo, Honoré de Balzac, Charles Baudelaire, Eugène Delacroix. The group, calling themselves Club des Hashischins (Cannabis Club). The club was founded to 1844 and included members of the literary and intellectual elite of Paris.

The Members Of The Cannabis Club

  • The monthly sessions were held at the Hotel Pimodan, also known as the Hôtel Lauzun, in the rooms of Fernand Boissard, painter and musician of the nineteenth century who was considered the figurehead of the club.

Hotel Pimodan

  • In the club, they drank strong coffee, liberally laced with hashish, which Moreau called dawamesk, in the Arabic Manner ( in Arab clothing ). It looked, reported the members, like a greenish preserve, its ingredients a mixture of hashish, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, pistachio, sugar, orange juice, butter and cantharides.

Arabic Manner

  • In 1844, Alexandre Dumas, best known for writing The Three Musketeers & The Count of Monte Cristo, urged people to Taste The Hashish. It was his opinion that the Cannabis expanded the minds of writers and help them achieve literary greatness.

Dumas said;

”Two of my favorite things are sitting on my front porch smoking a pipe of sweet hemp, and playing my Hohner harmonica.”
  • In 1845, Balzac ate some hashish and he said that he had heard celestial voices and seen visions of divine paintings.

  • In 1846, Gautier, published in the Revue Des Deux Mondes, It begins:

"One December evening... I arrived in a remote quarter in the middle of Paris, a kind of solitary oasis which the river encircles in its arms on both sides as though to defend it against the encroachments of civilisation. It was in an old house on the Ile St Louis, the Pimodan hotel built by Lauzun, where the strange club which I had recently joined held its monthly séance. I was attending for the first time."

After a description of the hotel's interior, Gautier arrives in a room where

"several human shapes were stirring about a table, and as soon as the light reached me and I was recognised, a vigorous shout shook the sonorous depths of the ancient edifice. 'It's he! It's he!' cried some voices together; 'let's give him his due!' "
  • In 1849, Club des Hachichins collapsed, but in strictly scientific terms it had done its work, as Dr Moreau, published his work on cannabis in De Hachish et de l'Alienation Mentale - Études Psychologiques (Hashish and Mental Illness - Psychological Studies).

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