High History / Part VI / Hua Tuo

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Before Prohibition, when #Cannabis plants grew freely, many of Notable People throughout history, came together to enjoy What God Gave Us, and created necessary contributions to the event of common Cannabis usage, whether they promoted growing weed, took a number of puffs, or used the Medical #Marijuana throughout the ages, from ancient civilizations, to queens, to presidents, to emperors.

If you enjoyed reading about the Famed Egyptian Ruler / Ramesses The Great, The Sonnet 76 / William Shakespeare, The Fifth President of the United States / James Monroe, how the Tincture of Cannabis helped / Queen Victoria out of her difficulties, and the Extraordinary Cache of unearthed well-preserved Cannabis plants / Marijuana Inside The Tomb! Then it is the time to know about the Chinese surgeon Hua Tuo & Cannabis Boiling Powder !

Hua Tuo


Before Hua's time, Chinese doctors were helpless when treating patients with internal illness that could not be reached by acupuncture needles or herbal medicines. Using his innovative anesthetic powder, Hua could make an incision on a patient's abdomen and remove the bad tissues or diseased parts of organs. Then, he would sew up the abdomen and apply some ointment thereto. In four to five days, the pain would go and within a month, the patient would fully recover.

So Who Was He ?

  • Hua Tuo was a respected Chinese scholar and doctor who lived during the Han dynasty, a famous physician in the later years of the Eastern Han Dynasty (AD 25-220). He is widely known as the first doctor in Traditional Chinese Medicine to invent some anesthetic herbal formulas and the first surgeon to conduct abdominal operations.

  • Hua also created a set of therapeutic qigong exercises called Wuqinxi or Five-Animal Frolics, which imitate the movement of tiger, deer, bear, ape and bird, and are still popular today.

  • Hua was born in today's Bo County in Eastern China's Anhui Province. His father died when Hua was only seven. He lived afterward with his mother in abject poverty. In order to survive and enable her son to have a career, the mother sent young Hua to study medicine from a folk doctor surnamed Cai.

  • Hua is credited with creating The World's First Anesthetic For Performing Surgery, around 200 A.D.

Deck 120 Hua Tuo Honored Physician
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Dr. HUA Tuo Uses Cannabis Boiling Powder !

  • During The Course Of History, we will notice efforts at making one type or another of General Anaesthesia. These tries are often caterpillar-tracked within the writings of the traditional Sumerians, Babylonians, Assyrians, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Indians, and Chinese.
  • The First Tries At General Anaesthesia were in all probability flavouring remedies administered in period. Alcohol is the oldest known sedative; it was used in Ancient Mesopotamia thousands of years ago.

  • Hua Tuo performed surgery under general anesthesia using a formula he had developed by mixing wine with a mixture of herbal extracts he called Mafeisan! Hua Tuo reportedly used Mafeisan in order to induce a state of unconsciousness and partial neuromuscular blockade to perform even major operations such as resection of gangrenous intestines.


  • Mafeisan Was Created By Mixture Cannabis Powder With Wine.
The name mafeisan combines ma (麻, meaning “cannabis, numbed or tingling”), fei (沸, meaning “boiling or bubbling”), and san (散, meaning “to break up or scatter”, or “medicine in powder form”). Therefore, the word mafeisan may mean something like “cannabis boiling powder”. Hua Tuo’s corresponding Houhanshu biography explains that this mafeisan “cannabis boiling powder” concoction was dissolved in jiu (“alcoholic beverage; wine”).

Cannabis / A Lost History

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