High History / Part V / Ramesses The Great

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Before William Shakespeare, before James Monroe and Queen Victoria, before The Marijuana Inside The Tomb, that was found 2500 years ago! Before there was a United States of America, a British Empire, or even a Roman one, there were the there was the Pharaohs Of Ancient Egypt.


  • The Pharaohs presided over a good civilization on the banks of the Nile. Not to mention military mastery and political prowess. Dynasties in Ancient Egyptian 1st gained power in 3150 BC and lasted, in varying lines and kingdoms, until 30 BC.

  • During their long reign, Ancient Egyptians had uncovered and used the Medicinal Properties of Cannabis. The plant was widely considered to be one of the most widespread options when it comes to medicinal herbs. However, in times of yore the plant’s quality was so much larger, and its use much more common in different aspects of regular life.


  • As things have clothed, Modern Laws have now prohibited a lot of the cultural and religious practices which had been a part of Egypt’s history and culture for thousands of years. Even though the pharaohs of ancient Egypt are long gone, They Left Lots Of Stuff Behind For Us To Pick Through !

  • The Ebers Papyrus was written roughly around 1550 BC and is one amongst The Oldest Finished Medical Textbooks to own been found to date. It Mentions Variety Of Formulas, that build use of #Hemp to alleviate pain and inflammation caused by numerous diseases and injuries. Apparently, girls especially used #Marijuana as how to waive off depression and different psychological issues within the period of time of Egypt.

An artist's imaginary depiction of a pharaoh burning herbs

Ramesses II

  • Conform Wikipedia; The Famed Egyptian Ruler born in 1303 BC and died in 1213 BC and was known as Ramesses The Great, was the third pharaoh of the Nineteenth Dynasty of Egypt.

  • He is usually considered the best, most celebrated, and most powerful pharaoh of the New Kingdom. His successors and later Egyptians referred to as him the Great Ancestor.


In 1974, for the legendary Pharaoh Ramesses II was issued a Valid Egyptian Passport in order that his mummy could be flown to Paris for necessary repair.

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  • Archaeologists have found #Cannabis pollen on the mummy of the legendary pharaoh, Ramesses II. Seven pollen grains of cannabis were retrieved from the Pharaoh's mummy, and pollen of cotton was found in the same ancient context.
  • Pieces of Cannabis were also found in the tomb of Amenophis IV who died in 1379 BC. Traces of Cannabis have been found in several other mummies also.

  • So Egyptians loved building Pyramids and using Cannabis. These Guys Built The Pyramids! Today most people still doesn't fully understand how Ancient Egypt was even able to build the pyramids, but they did it!

  • They even left behind Detailed Medical Documents that described a multitude of medical uses for Cannabis, including treatment for hemorrhoids, treatment for glaucoma, inflammation and cooling the uterus, as well as administering enemas.

So if Egyptian Pharaohs felt that using Marijuana was a good idea, way back in 2000 BC, maybe we must listen to them !

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I bet Egyptians knew how to party. I always immagine them having some orgies with opium.


In Lebanon & Egypt, they have everything.
Go to the bar area ( night time ) and just ask locals.
Wait for few minutes and the big party will take start.