High History / Part III / Queen Victoria

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We must not forget the Important Historical Figures & Cultures, who created the necessary contributions to the event of common #Cannabis Usage, whether they promoted growing weed, took a number of puffs and soared to new heights, or used the Medical Marijuana, these illustrious figures and cultures have all had a very Important Green Affiliation. From ancient civilizations, to queens, to presidents, to emperors, this list of historical figures that used Marijuana can shock !


Queen Victoria; Who is known as the Grandmother of Europe, still grips our imaginations. The latest revelations, was within the movie Victoria and Abdul, concern her attachment to an Indian Muslim referred to as Abdul Karim, given to her as a "Gift From India".

The book on that the film relies was written by Shrabani Basu. Although most of the Queen’s letters to him were destroyed, some survive, as do her diaries in Hindustani, therefore this Story is Protected by Primary Proof !

The Question is: If she is the Grandmother of Europe, was she a pot-smoking Grandma?


  • She is one of the most emblematic figures of the 1800s, she is the symbol of prudishness and conservatism, even if she doesn't deserve the reputation, may have been given #Marijuana as a method of relieving her menstrual cramps!

  • This is one in all the foremost fascinating episodes within the history of Medical Marijuana!

So Who Was She?

  • Born on May 24/1819, she would ascend to the throne at the young age of 18. She would assume the lofty titles of Queen of England and Ireland as well as Empress of India.

  • She ruled the British Empire from 1837 until 1901. She is still Britain's longest-ruling monarch, and helped guide the country through the changes that came with industrialization and modernization.

  • Her 63-year reign was the second longest of any British monarch. She would manage her empire through its greatest era of business and scientific advancement within the age of enlightenment. She conjointly oversaw the territorial growth of British Empire to the best heights, resulting in the nickname, The Sun Never Sets on British Empire !

Did She Use Cannabis ?

Could somebody thus important to history very are a Marijuana User?
Historical Sources Say Yes !


Queen Victoria suffered from severe catamenial pain, her doctor J.R.Renolds had the solution...Cannabis! The monarchs personal medical man declared in on of the foremost distinguished medical journals of the age,

“When pure and administered carefully, [cannabis] is one of the most valuable medicines we possess”


Did Queen Victoria Smoke Weed?

  • It's thought that She wasn't lighting up, though; Reynolds, it seems, could have prescribed her Tincture of Cannabis, that were the foremost common method of administering it at the time.

  • Tinctures of cannabis are literally experiencing a renaissance in medical cannabis centers and states wherever weed is legal. It's administered via pipet underneath the tongue, and solely needs a awfully touch to feel the affects. We can solely hope it helped Victoria out of her difficulties.

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