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Marijuana Use incorporates a long #History that predates the fashionable day "stoners" we've grownup aware of. We all fathom the ganja from Asian country, and therefore the weed from Jamaica, and we've memorized an inventory of nations and states that have legalized recreational and medicative #Marijuana use.

But we must not forget the Important Historical Figures & Cultures who created necessary contributions to the event of common #Cannabis usage, whether they promoted growing weed, or just took a number of puffs and soared to new heights, these illustrious figures and cultures have all had a very Important Green Affiliation. From ancient civilizations, to queens, to presidents, to emperors, this list of historical figures that used Marijuana can shock !

Some of these historic icons, like William Shakespeare, created major contributions to world culture, and history itself. Whether they blazed it, toked it, or smoked it, Mary Jane was a key ingredient in these leaders' lives.

William Shakespeare

Researchers found traces of Cannabis On Clay Pipes that came from Shakespeare's aim town. We can't make sure that those pipes belonged to William Shakspere himself, however we all know they were created within the seventeenth century (Shakespeare died in 1616), and that they were found on his property.

Shakespeare alludes to weed in his works, particularly in his non-dramatic poetry. In Sonnet seventy six, he writes regarding "Invention In An Exceedingly Noted Weed", that can be understood to mean that the bard was willing to use weed, whereas he was writing.

In the same Sonnet it seems that he would like to not be related to "Compounds Strange", which might be understood, a minimum of probably, to mean "strange drugs" (possibly cocaine).


  • Sonnet 76 which contains references to a "noted weed" and "compounds strange" :
Why is my verse so barren of new pride, So far from variation or quick change? Why with the time do I not glance aside To new-found methods and to compounds strange? Why write I still all one, ever the same, And keep invention in a noted weed, That every word doth almost tell my name, Showing their birth and where they did proceed?
  • Sonnet 118 divulges:
Like as, to make our appetites more keen, With eager compounds we our palate urge.
  • Sonnet 27 begins:
Weary with toil I haste me to my bed, The dear repose for limbs with travel tired; But then begins a journey in my head, To work my mind when body's work's expired.

Note : "Compound" known as early as 1530 to mean a substance formed by a chemical union of two or more ingredients.


  • South African scientists have discovered that 400-year-old tobacco pipes excavated from the garden of dramatist contained cannabis, suggesting the author may need written a number of his noted works
    while high.

  • There is very little doubt that this mixture of the findings by South African researchers and also the potential references to mind-blowing medicine in Shakespeare's writings can prompt more to speculate that the bard used narcotics as a supply of inspiration.

  • Forensic testing of 400-year-old pipes counsel author may need smoke-dried over simply tobacco.

We will ne'er grasp obviously, however if the bard did use medicine as a tool to spark his creativeness he actually wouldn't be the sole literary genius to have done so !

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