Gronkowski - The 3X World Champion & Cannabis Business

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Some are proponents of using #Marijuana as an alternative to opioids in dealing with pain, something every NFL player experiences to one degree or another, the reason why the industry already has attracted all-time greats such as:

  • Joe Montana, the legendary quarterback of the San Francisco, who was part of a $75 million investment in a California company that runs a marijuana farm, retail store, distribution center and delivery service.

  • Ricky Williams, the former Miami Dolphin running back who was treated like an outcast for his #Cannabis use during his playing days, and started his own cannabis business.

  • Kyle John Turley, the Neuro XPF's Founder and other NFL players who advocate for marijuana such as Franco Harris and Jack Ham, both members of famous Pittsburgh Steelers teams of the 1970s, and others.

NFL Vets on Cannabis in Football

Robert James Gronkowski

Gronk ( Robert James Gronkowski ) is the latest in a string of athletes who advocate the use of CBD after trying it.

He is he three-time Super Bowl champion, the five-time Pro Bowl selection, the four-time First Team All-Pro selection, and the highest ranked tight end in the annual NFL Top 100 Players five times, who played his entire professional career for the New England Patriots of the National Football League (NFL) until his early retirement in March 2019 because a series of injuries, the former tight-end said:

I needed to recover. I was not in a good place. Football was bringing me down, and I didn’t like it.

Gronk ON CBD

The young retired NFL player (Born May 14, 1989) has inked a deal with Abacus Health Products in Woonsocket, Rhode Island that includes buying a stake in the company and agreeing to promote its products, as the star's belief that #CBD products made by CBDMEDIC can help others manage pain the way it has helped him. Gronk said he used CBDMEDIC and was:

Blown away with how well it worked. I am pain free, and that is a big deal.

Gronk, the partner of Woonsocket maker of CBD products said at a news conference in New York that he will advocate for professional sports leagues to allow active players to use CBD products, which are generally banned:

I'm here today to appeal to the sports governing bodies of the world to update their position on CBD, whether that's the NBA, MLB or NFL. It's just time.

Gronk Reveals Partnership With CBD Company

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joe roegan and mike tyson does too


Smoking weed with The Iron Man (Tyson) would be the greatest experience ever!

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michael phelps did


J. R Smith, Connor McGregor, Nate Diaz & Ross Rebagliati all smoke too


J. R Smith coming soon / Thanks for great support.

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