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Have a nice day Smokers!

I am hesitant to write but I wanna share you a story what I had been through when I was 17 years old. I trusted why I unveiled my story.

My mother decided for me moving from our province the City of Davao. My uncle needed a sales lady for his newly opened grocery store. It's hurted me since I loved the university where I was studying. No ones above the law of my mother or you will be fired out.

March 1987, the day l started a new life. The store was so abundantly blessed with a lot of customer. Suddenly my Uncles wife secretly told me not to touch a certain place on the adjacent stall. I thought, they have millions cash there so I never mind it.

One day, the whole family went off to the main city buying some wholesale stuff . I was alone, with my curiosity, I checked what was hidden there. If it was a money I would not get any amount. What my Aunt told me triggered my innocent mindset.

To my surprised, I found boxes of matches. Yes, we were selling matches but I wondered seeing the stick of the matches only set aside on a big box.
My heart was founding so much.

Then I saw a file of small matches inside at the back part together with the stocks for selling. My eyes opened wide when I saw this kind.

The matches with the cut filt paper

It came to my mind, I was so curious with a flocks of both teenagers and adult customers coming during night time. We even closed the store up to 12 midnight.
Then I continued finding what was something inside.

This is just an illustration how it looked like before. (I am just using a dried mint leaves) For the first time in my life, I saw a dried Marijuana. I never see it as plant growing alive in a farm.

I remembered one of the customer buying cigarettes, I saw him removing the tobacco dried leaves and put this rolled filt paper inside. I was 17 years old, I had no idea on what's going on my surrounding. The owner of the grocery store was my good generous, God fearing Uncle. I cried myself. Our family had no idea he became a Marijuana dealer. I was so shocked.

Philippines government prohibit the people using these herbs. We heard more negativity than benefits . Unlike today, I already learned a lot of good information.

When I saw like this before my body was shaking because of wrong information.

Later on, I adjusted the situation and accepted the fact, they were a pusher and a dealer. They got double income from cigarettes and cannabis.

Government authority noticed it and raided the vicinity. They got no evidence since it was hidden inside the new matches small boxes. What a fucking experienced, I. didn't able to move my feet. I sweated a very cold sweats just like from the fridge. No evidence taken from my Uncle but the police did not believe it. Still my Uncle was the main suspect of running it. The grocery was just the front on their business. Sudden growth was very suspicious.

When there was a male customer I never intertained anyone. I was so afraid if there s a police coming. It was not my turned.

I was so confused and afraid to my discovery. Then one night of April 11,1987, they let me home together with one of my Uncle pusher late at night. I didn't know how to come alone. A lot of male personality side by side in every corner. They were puffing not in a proper place. So, I was afraid walking alone. My Uncles family were sleeping in the store.


The one who courted me going home is a pusher and a user. There was a coming rain and fall exactly upon our arrival. I told him to stay until the rain gone. I didn't let him get inside the house because I was alone inside. We were not close friend but he is closed to my Uncle. The rain didn't stop. Out of knowing, the man put sleeping pills to the water in the pitcher. I drank it. Out of my knowledge he used weeds on that night.
Out of curiosity, something happened unexpectedly. I was never been touched. I had no boyfriend because I was pursuing to finish my degree. On that night, he ruined my entire life.

I had no face to face the world. I refused coming to the grocery store the following morning. I supposed taking suicide but afraid the consequences to God in heaven.

To make the story short, we got married with that man. He became a father of our only son. Living together 8 years ago and I went to Saudi Arabia looking for a greener pasture. 2004, he died when our son was 14 years old.

Today I remember those mixture of feelings upon my discovery. If I only knew it before, why I did not taste it? I supposed to be not an ignorant until now.

One thing I could not forget about Marijuana, when my husband toke it, it means a big war and battle in the warzone of happiness between me and him. I just don't know how to elaborate those experiences. I will just leave it in your mind, how we used the cold night keeping it warmth.

Before I forget, this is also serve as information how uneducated people in our place used it. They used it directly from changing the tobacco in any brand of cigarettes to a dried sativa. SMOKE! TOKE! PUFFED IT.

I think if we used it with a correct amount of those herbs, that will be the best. No harm to our body and no negative outcome. I preferred to grow in my own and puff it.

I realized there was no wrong if they did it properly, eat a lot of foods and of course in a good, clean area and perfect hygience.

Hoping for Legalization

Truly yours,


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Semi “off-topic” but related given where you are in your cannabis discovery: You should follow the Brave New Weed podcast. Without a doubt the best source to start with, and also to immediately get a high level understanding.


Hello there, I took a peak of that link and it's a good one. I saved the link for future reference. I will read it later too. Thanks!


It’s a podcast. Usually little longer than an hour. But super smart hosts who understand marijuana and can hold talks with just as smart guests.


Thank you @unnamed for giving me an idea. I will check it right now.

Hello dear @lawlai! That was quite an ordeal on your part but I think you're blessed with one fruit as the product of that strain. See, it added spice to your honeycomb so don't regret it but rather savor the sweetness you once had. As for those series of raids in your locality, the same thing happened in our place because the law prohibits the use of marijuana. Let's just hope that it will soon be legalized. Puffs to you dear!


Thank you for your support @sarimanok. Long time ago I never tell anyone about this story especially my family. My Uncle died 2 years ago. My son have two daughters, really the fruit of the strain he did it to me. Not so bad at all. I just want that people should extend their understanding about the benefits of Marijuana. So many people are sick and I know Marijuana will be one of those herbs, that heal our pain. When it is already legal, we can grow it normally. No need buying expensive medicine.

hmm horrible on innocent on first hand experience. Kudos to Smoke for more information we detest before, now clear and positive outlook to MJ medicinal purpose


Can't wait any longer time. This is the right time for us to take it for our pain. We grandmother must do it to strengthen our life span.

this story surprised me sooo much!!! 😮 . for real? but probably it was destined to happen . thanks for sharing this story here. experiences really teach us many lessons. and your first encounter with cannabis was also the start of your married still on shock. LOL


I am confident of making a story when it is really a true to life story of myself. Jejejeje. I disclosed it here because I trusted everyone.
Thank you for dropping by.

I read your story and recalled those things you have shared with our group before and I admire your being brave enough to let go of your past and overcome that nightmare and at the present, you inspire us.

But there's one thing that caught me here

I had no face to face the world

so, I want you to check this out!


Wahahaha! My favorite song since then. Thank you for dropping by @dragonxOx
I love the song so much. He is already in heaven till we meet again.
My grandchildren will be my inspiration and you all here online you always made my day
Keep Smoking!


because I don't want to sound insensitive that's why I drop that song here because honestly I was laughing at that FEZ FEZ earlier, I remember how we joked at the gc with HOW CAN WE FACE OUR PROBLEM IF THE PROBLEM IS OUR FACE? hahaha...

Now I know why the eagerness to try MJ. It is a beautiful story tho since your unico hijo was the result of that curiousity of yours to discover something. Yeah, get more info on the subject and someday you´ll be able to experienced the effect of the weed too especially for medicinal purposes, we ain´t getting younger! Cheers!