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2 years ago


Do you not know that it is Dangerous to ponder upon your fate
without having in you some level of faith
Because your thoughts matters alot
But what matters most is how you think your thoughts
Do you doubt your believe or believe your doubt?
Do you count your blessings or think your blessings does not count?

life`s heaviest burden is to have no burden to carry
to live for yourself alone is purposeless
without vision,your life will tarry in vain

Hatred is a prolonged form of suicide
while forgiveness is the sweetest Revenge
let it go and hurt will fade away
Forgiveness saves the cost of anger
like it is said "hatred is like taking poison and waiting for the other person to die"



to achieve all that is possible is by trying to do the impossible
in life the more you complain,the less you obtain
opportunities are disguise by obstacles
for truly time and chances happeneth to them all
and the fear of criticism is the kiss of death
just answer your heart
how high are your ideas?
how deep are your convictions?
what is the length of your persistence?
and what is the strength of your faith?
the way you perceive life determine how you live it....

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have a positive thinking today

thanks for reading my post and i hope it will change the way you see life

Happy Smokey Sunday

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baby I m thinking about u


Wow nice

Thanks for this Inspiration u just lifted my spirit body and mind, just a little indica to calm my nerves


You are welcome dear