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8 months ago

Hello smokers, this is your fun daily dose of cannabis which is weekly.

Don't rush, take some popcorn & enjoy!


Beer + Cannabis = Family

How it feels to know that beers hops are in the same family with cannabis flowers? Well, that is true and maybe that's why a cold beer goes fantastic with a joint in the summer.


The use of Cannabis

Do you know that cannabis is used in any way other than to be smoked? Of course you know. But you wouldn't have expected to find out that cannabis is used to make ropes and these ropes are used as a method to transport giant stone statues.

Yup, that's right, they want to see how the hell the ancient people moved some gigantic stones.


Cannabis is legal

This might surprise you. I searched on multiple sources and it seems it is correct, Cannabis is legal in... NORTH KOREA!

Isn't that amazing?


The first item

What do you think was the first item sold on the internet? Well, unexpected (for me at least) the first transaction over the Internet was a bag of marijuana around 50 years ago.

Students from Stanford, California, used Arapnet a primitive stuff on the internet, to buy weed.

I am sure they learnt about the benefits of Cannabis and realised this has to be the first item to be purchased online.


Marijuana in the air

This is not a joke. Researchers found in the air of seven Italian cities, even in Rome, the capital, traces of marijuana.

Maybe that's why italians are so chill!



After some studies, researchers discovered that Shakespeare dabbled in the marijuana.

No, really. Researchers at South Africa’s University of the Witwatersrand tested the pipes of Shakespeare and found eight tested positive for cannabis residue.

References: Factretriever, Livescienece, Ohfact.

That's all for today. I wanted to make a video with more facts because I could have used more funny images add a chill music and talk but I don't have access to any good editing program as I am using a laptop at the moment.

Let me know which one seems to you WOW. Thank you!


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