Today I have to do Canna-therapy after sport.

5 months ago

Today, after all these holidays, I started again the Krav Maga and pufff, it was very strong ... well, it was for my body. It hurt everything when I got home.

We spent in the training the final 15 minutes in sparrings (with 45-50% strength) of one against one for 45 seconds, 10 seconds of rest and again 45 seconds of combat with another different person. So for 15 minutes. It seems little but it is something that tires ... fighting tires you a lot even if it's only for 3 minutes. Ask a boxer if you do not believe me.

And that was just the end, the previous hour and 15 minutes were not easy either.

The thing is that I needed, when I got home, my Canna-therapy to relieve the pain and the truth is that it works perfectly like the previous times, I do not want anything else right now. I am relaxed, sitting in front of the computer writing this and with half of the joint still in my hand ... the pains have been disappearing little by little and my joy has been increasing.

This time the cure was thanks to a bit of Silver Haze that I got yesterday. Not bad!

If you practice combat sports or any kind of sport that requires a lot of physical effort ...

... there is nothing better than the Canna-therapy to relieve the pains of training.

#sport #marijuana #cannabis #health

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Good!! :)

I know what you are talking about bro, I would work the bag hard for about 10 minutes and would be exhausted and every part of my body would be aching. I glad it helps you mate, bong on bro. :-)


So you know! Nice :) Good thing is that the bag do not punch you back ... not my case ;) sh*t! got so many punches in my shoulders and arms :) hehehehe.

Are u boxing? Or something else?


No I don't box anymore to old for that now, Lol. Careful how hard you go, you will pay the price with joint pain when you get older bro. Bong on bro. :-)


I am old already hahahahahahaha ;) 41 years next monday. Yes, I know i have to be careful, thanks for the advice.