The future of the Cannabis industry looks very promising!

4 months ago

The future for everything that has to do with the industry surrounding #Cannabis looks promising.

As I was checking today, everything points towards a growth in the industry and here I speak, not only of the recreational or medicinal #marijuana, but also of the #hemp as such. I refer to all possible aspects in terms of use.

To exemplify this growth I took three of the graphics that I thought were good for it.

The first is a graph of the Statista website where you can see the growth of the medical and recreational marijuana industry since 2016 with a forecast until 2025. And the future forecast looks great. Nothing more and nothing less than a grow up to 24.07 billion dollars.

And that, only in the USA.


Image Credit

The second graph has more to do with the legality of the use of Cannabis medicinally in Europe. As we all know, Europe is still in the rear of the pro-Cannabis movement, so to speak.

To increase this list is already a huge advance.


Image Credit

And the third graph is about the expansion of the industrial Hemp industry in the world. It shows that in the US, Canada and Europe there is growth and that is positive.

Forecast, growth of 3 billion in 4 years, from 2016 to 2020.


Image Credit

Of course, it goes without saying, how good all this is for our beloved social network SMOKE. Any advance on this front of the legalization of the use of Cannabis, whatever it may be, will always be a good thing for it.

Hopefully, my positive vision will be fulfilled and more!

#legalize #infographics

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When I see that Croatia is on the map of medicinally available I get sick. My friend could not get THC for Multiple Sclerosis, so it is just on paper so to speak. I bet lots of other countries. Romania?

This needs more in depth-analysis even though it kind of a looks positive. It also means that people that get caught with cannabis can easily avoid prison if they prove it is for the therapy.
Check out this to see what I mean.


it is just on paper so to speak.

Oh! I know what do you mean ;) In Germany is the same, just something "on paper", in reality there is almost nothing done about it. As I wrote for the graphic ...

As we all know, Europe is still in the rear of the pro-Cannabis movement, so to speak.

And I know the story of Huanito :) I read about it here a some weeks ago. It struck me at first especially because of the name. My name is Juan Miguel and the diminutive of my name would be Juanito, almost the same as Huanito but the J is changed for the H. I am very glad that they gave him the forgiveness ... and about your president and his political views, it does not have to be right winged for to think like that, in Communism or Socialism, drugs of any kind are not allowed either ... things like what happens with Huanito and worse I have lived them in my country of origin, Cuba, where I still have friends imprisoned for only one cannabis cigarette so ...

The future is bright for the cannabis industry, or simply put... Other Industries that make use of cannabis like the health sector (medical cannabis) and other consumer goods sector.
It is just a matter of some countries observing its benefits and legalizing its use


It is just a matter of some countries observing its benefits and legalizing its use

Hopefully sooner tha later :)

Not much happening in Australia mate, we are still being thrown in a bloody cage for smoking a weed. Kids are still suffering because of stinking politicians and their bullshit laws, bong on bro. :-)


Looks like Cuba :( Hope it gets better soon, at least is not Communism ;) Cheers mate!