Some new designs to promote

5 months ago

A few days ago, I shared several banner designs to promote the network. Today I bring others and as usual, I try to do something different in some way. This time the difference was not so much in the design but in the content.

If you notice, I do not use the "get paid" sentence and I change it to "engage". I prefer not to put emphasis on the rewards that can be earned by interactions and that this is just a surprise and pleasant extra that people will find when visiting the network out of curiosity.

After this small explanation here I leave the designs. For now there are three different. First a version with black background and then the same version with transparent background so you can use it with backgrounds of different colors or in videos too.

First design.

Smoke 01.png

Smoke 01 Transparent.png

Second design.

Smoke 02.png

Smoke 02 Transparent.png

Third design.

Smoke 03.png

Smoke 03 Transparent.png

I hope these designs are useful to many here.

Feel free to use them in the best way you want.

#promotion #socialnetwork #marijuana

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Great designs bro, you could also use socialize as well because it is a social network. Great effort mate, bong on bro. :-)


Socialize is a good word! Annoted for the next one, thanks mate!!! Have a nice night :)