Products made with Cannabis are flourishing everywhere now ... Good!😎

6 months ago

Today we went to the Edeka market, the market that is on the corner of the house and near the part of the cash register, where they always put various products, I found this energy bar that part of its content is Hemp.

Honestly, it makes me very happy that different products derived from #Cannabis or in some of their natural forms such as seeds or flowers are flourishing everywhere. It is a fairly advanced step towards normalization and, hopefully, the future general decriminalization of Cannabis and its use, of whatever kind, in Germany.

The energy bar is chocolate flavor (my favorite flavour 😀 ) and as it is for exercises I will wait until next Tuesday when I have sports to try it. I will give you my personal review of it.

Have a good Saturday night smokers!😎

#marijuana #food #legalization

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Non psychoactive though :(


Sadly not ... well not yet ;) I think it is a step forward towards the normalization and un-demonization of marijuana. Still in 2018 some people here think it is a bad thing.

Cannabis is going to be popular again world wide! :)


I really hope so ... well it looks like that ;)

It makes me happy too when I see all these new products I think it's awesome, bong on bro. :-)


Yes it is pretty awesome! 10 years ago was complete different ... and 20 ... I was the black sheep in my family just because I smoked.

Now I am the coolest one! :P hahahahaha


HaHa, soon all your family will be coming to you for advice on the best cannabis products, Lol. Bong on bro. :-)