My cousine brought me some gifts from Amsterdam!😎

last year

My cousine stayed a few days in Amsterdam before coming to visit me and brought me some gifts from there.😎

The first was this grinder with the coffee shop logo Abraxas.

And the second is two packets of OCB rolling papers, from the big ones. Each package has 32 papers and also comes with filters included.

It is a new edition that has come out recently.

When you open the package you have the filters first and then the papers. All very well thought because first you must make the filter so that later it is more comfortable to roll.

Or you do it in a different way?

And of course, the filters and the papers are also not unbleached with chlorine.

This is becoming a trend!

There was another gift but only the remains were left in the grinder (you can look at the second photo for more details 😜).

It is good to have family visits, especially when you live as far away from your family as I am. And it's much better when that family that visits you has tastes like yours.

Like #smoke #marijuana for example.😁

#cannabis #photography

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Abraxas is legendary. Takes me back to the previous millennium. 😁

Hate the staircase to the toilets there but they had really lovely space cake. Plus... they were opposite to Supper Club - and around the corner of DIEP. - and had a license until 1AM. Just perfect.

Back then definitely top 5 shop also qualitywise, probably leading one qualitywise of the more popular known ones. They had just started to make a name in travel guides end last century/millennium.

Great shop all over.

Β  Β· Β last year

Wow, look. At that gift!, a pure show of love, tell him to join us here on smoke, I guess that's the best gift you'd give him too.


I will tell "her" (well I already did ;) ) but I think she can not make so public her taste sadly because of her work . It implies certain risks and if someone know that she smoke, or she get caught by the police (tests and so on) it may not be very good.

Β  Β· Β last year

Wow your friend is looking after you mate, good score. Those papers are pretty cool coming with the filters, good shit mate. Bong on bro. :-)

Β  Β· Β last year

hehehe, really nice gift. Typical Amsterdamer!!! enjoy them

Β  Β· Β last year

The gifts look and sound really nice. The grinder is beautiful.

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good post.