Milestone reached, 7000 Smoke Power!!!

last year

Milestone reached, 7000 Smoke Power!!!

Two months ago I declared a milestone that was to reach the 7000 Smoke Power. Today is the day I have reached it and the truth is that I am very happy, especially because of the way I did it.

This time I did not buy a single SMOKE, everything was achieved by writing publications, and commenting and curing publications from other authors.

I can call it, growing in a more "organic" way.

I want to go increasing in 3000 ... why? Well, because I like the number, do not look for a logical reason for this number because there is not.

The next milestone will be reaching the 10,000 Smoke Power.

Wait for better publications, I do not know if I can make them better but it's definitely something I always want to do (even without thinking about the milestone). I will try to find more time to curate more publications (if this is really possible, I am a regular visitor to the window of the most recent publications). And in any way I can, help spread more and more the word about the social network that we like the most ..

#milestone #smoke #cannabis

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Congratulations :) Here is my upvote to help you reach your next milestone of 10 000 SMOKE :)


Thanks a lot! It is really rewarding, especially when you see that you can be productive in such a creative way.

You can get to produce a lot of creations and I speak not only about the texts that are written but also about the photos, videos, designs, gifs, etc.

Very cool GIFs 👌


:) I think GIFs are the cuspid of the Internet language! You can say more than "a lot", I love to use them every time I can.

Congrats on the milestone!


Thanks! :)

Way to go. That's the way to do it. Awesome.


Thanks a lot @offgrid :)

Cool bro, congrats on achieving your milestone mate. You will get to 10k in no time, my first major milestone is 5k, not far for me now. Bong on bro. :-)


Thanks a lot mate! Looking forward to see your 5k pretty soon :) Cheers bro!

Congratulations, really coming along now! My robot friend cryptoninja says hi also btw


Thanks a lot @easyrider (CryptoNinja).

Congrats on the milestone. See you at 10k 👍


Thanks a lot!!! :)

Congratulations on reaching 7000 Smoke Power!
Nowadays I am not blogging on Smoke. I never posted a blog post on Smoke so far.
I don't used to comment either.
In fact, this is my first comment on Smoke.
I upvoted your post, but I currently have less than 5 Smoke Power. I currently (2019.02.03, 12:00 CET) have 4.241 Smoke Power.
I earned 0.002 Smoke Power curation rewards so far.