Birthday gift! A pipe from Morocco

5 months ago

The only birthday gift I received related to #Cannabis (apart from joints and two packages with different strain of #marijuana) was a beautiful Moroccan #pipe. One of my friends was in #Morocco last week and brought it with him, he says he brought it thinking of me ... I'm the friend who smokes the most 😁

It's beautiful huh?😎

I love all the details in this pipe. I also like the long shape it has. In the small bowl of the pipe you can make about half a gram if you try hard ...

... but better to put less to achieve the "perfect" combustion.

The size of the bowl is perfect. The truth is that can contain enough weed to make me high but not so crazy, and this is what I am looking for at the moment. It is also perfect for my canna-therapy after sports.

I am more than happy with this present!😃

#birthdaypresent #smoke

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I like that long pipe design, giving the smoke a longer distance to cool. Like the designs on it too, excellent gift :)


I like that long pipe design, giving the smoke a longer distance to cool.

Yes, it really cool down a lot :) and you have a lot of space to put your hand and not get burn by accident ... also looks super elegant when you are smoking XD

Hahaha... that's a long one.. the design is pretty. Enjoy it!


Thanks a lot! :)

that's a long one.

The long design, I think, it helps to cold down the air a bit so you dont get the heat of the combustion so much in your throat ;)

Holy daaaamn. Being a pipe enthusiast and collector I love love love how it looks like. Morocco being one of the go to places for hash they have some very beautiful designs. I have to get myself one like that. Those tribal-like feels to it are just magical. Resmoked.


Thanks a lot!!!!
I saw that you got the link ;) hope you can get one :)

What's it made of? Metal?


Thank you. Now I can add her to my collection. I thing thought it was a Sebsi.


You are more than welcome!!! :)