Show Tecnosgirl Your Roach Sunday(SMOKE EXCLUSIVE)

3 months ago



What's up Smoker's! So it's about time I join in on the Sunday fun here on @tecnosgirl has been doing this for 20 weeks now! That's amazing, and I tip my hat to her. One thing I have learned about the block chain game, consistency is key. Much respect to you Tecnosgirl, and wish you many many more. Shout to @skylinebuds as well for reminded me I have 3 hours to do this.


Now I know my entry is more of a joint then a roach, but truth is: due to having kids, I do not really having good opportunity's to sneak out for a joint. So 99% of the time I do bowls. But I went to the club to pick up some CBD tincture, and got a free pre-roll as a gift.



The strain of this one is Super Glue. I was very excited to go on the back porch to smoke this on my day off. But as soon as I got a few puffs, I put it out, because it was horrible! I will never ever buy pre rolls at the club, because most of the time, especially with free pre rolls, it is shake! So my friends, always be weary of the pre rolls you see at the club. But this whole joint will not go to waste. Im sure I will have a friend in need one day, and bunk pre roll, is better then no bunk pre roll.



La Cuca Rocha, La Cuca Rocha, nah, nah, da


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Pretty awesome you got a free pre roll!

I just had some Super Glue too Jonny Boy! I'll definitely be putting out a review of it sooner or later. I'm so busy these days my head spins

Dam that's awesome and I think this is the first time I saw anything older than 2 weeks. That is good in my eyes 2 weeks from take down to seller is 2 fast.

Nice entry


Thank you bro! Been meaning to do it, but for 19 weeks not, lol! I usually get to do my posts when im at work, its so hard to do a decent post at home. God forbid i post shit, lol.