What is your favorite way to consume cannabis?

8 months ago

As things set in place more and more methods of consuming cannabis unveils, cannabis joint probably is commonly used/ more popular. Notwithstanding, below are different ways to consume cannabis. definitely, you will find a choice that is more preferable to you.pexels-photo-1466335.jpegpexels


Joints popularly known right? No doubt joint is Probably the most common and widely used way to ingest weed. It's my favourite too. There are too many types of papers to roll them, problem is you have to learn how to roll them and then you are good. Between, i have a helpful guide published by @plug which will help teach you how to roll a nice joint. Check this this out)


Edibles are cannabis infused foods, you can also find cannabis infused candies sacks etc. I would recommend edibles for first timers/newbies.
Eating edibles provides significantly different effects from delivery methods that immediately enter the bloodstream. However, the marijuana effects are delayed since they rely on the digestion process before absorption by the body.
Edibles are one best ways to consume cannabis with its effects lasting a long time.


Vaping is one of the healthiest way to consume cannabis with its little or no health risk. With more users using vaporizers to consume marijuana it has gained popularity over time.
Vaporizers convert the cannabinoids into vapor so you can inhale and have plenty healthy high. No doubt, Vaporizers are the logical choice for moderate to experienced and/or health-conscious cannabis consumers.


Cannabis oils are extracts of cannabis components into a liquid form. Recommended for patients who seek cure for pain, anxiety, nausea, and sleep problems. cannabis oil has more CBD percentages which makes it none psychoactive.


Bongs are a type of popular water pipe used with cannabis flower favored. They are big which makes it not suitable to carry around, BONGS provides a healthy high because it filters the smoke before it gets to the lungs. Also one the popular ways to consume cannabis.

There are so many different ways to consume cannabis these days, if you don't like smoking you can look for a more preferable way. My point is there will favorable method for you. I know there are other methods to consume cannabis which I did not mention above, i know you have a favorite consumption method maybe it's a new method you discovered recently. please share you them on the comment sections, what are your favorite ways to consume #cannabis?

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My favorite ways are rolling up in paper or filling up a pipe bowl. I do enjoy pipes the most but I do not smoke that often in pipes.


Cool, i enjoy using a bowl too but joints have been my favorite especially around friends.

In order of priority:

  1. Handrolled joint
  2. Bong (not necessarily with water)
  3. One-hitter

I prefer joints, I got to know it that way.


Lol yeah, very popular.. Why not try something new?

I am a dab or bong person, I do smoke a lot joints cause my wife smokes a lot joints


Bong and joint smoking, my favorite also.

My favorite ways are definitely edibles and bongs, but still, most commonly I roll one because edibles are hard to find here and I don't have a bong and probably shouldn't haha


You definitely should have one. At least one.

If you don’t have a headshop nearby, and getting through customs is not an issue where you live, check out GrassCity. They have bongs in all sizes and prizes and ship to many countries.

But... it’s the cleaning with them. LOL


I got 2 issues regarding bong, Its illegal in my state so that could bring some red flags and I live with my parents and they wouldn't really approve that haha
Thanks for the recommendation anyway :D


Lol, no doubt, Nothing ruins the taste of a good smoke like a dirty bong. Should always be kept clean but it takes time to clean lol


I love edibles a lot so I make them myself, gives me good vibes. You definitely should get a bong as unnamed suggested that's if no custom issues.

Favourite is joints, but 99% of the time I only vap because it's much much better on your lungs and body


Yeah, one of the safest method to consume cannabis. Perfect!!

My girlfriend will be buying me a vape for valentine and that will be my first time of trying vape. she bought me a blunt or brown paper today!

So for now my best is JOINT


Wow!!! Don't forget to give us an update on your new vape. Cheers


i will definitely do that. i just wrote a review on my first brown paper you can check it out!

Bongs and blunts for me! With a side of cartridges for when I'm not home.


Ah!! Perfect.

Home Grown home-made High CBD Cannabis Tea.


Have known you for that lol

I preferr edibles more and more...


Haha, why only edibles? you don't smoke?


Healthier :) I smoke of course but prefer eating :)

This post feels kind of inspired by my post ;)


Saw your post... Seems to be related. Loved it though!! 👍


Yours too, I'm just messin with ya girl

Volcano Vaporizer ftw!

I am the only one, who prefers vaporizer (Storz & Bickel Plenty)?


Lol, i dont think so

Def joints:)


Haha, very popular no doubt.

Handheld vape


Oh!!! Perfect, Safe for the body.

This question and post really got me thinking...
And to be honest, it depends on the reason I am smoking at the moment.

If I'm having an episode then I want a one-hitter or joint. If I'm just in need to have some extra relaxation for anxiety then I will eat an edible (they seem to have longer lasting effect) and if I'm in a rush... I'll vape real quick cause I always have that thing ready to go.