The origin of 420, how the cannabis code was born

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At the point when was the first occasion when you heard "4:20" 4/20 from somebody ? Did you know what it implied?

Perhaps its the birthday of some fanciful cannabis deity?

Gracious sorry, if you don't know what 4:20 or 4/20 implies then I can help.

is slang in cannabis culture for the consumption of
cannabis, especially smoking cannabis around the time 4:20 p.m. and also refers to cannabis-oriented celebrations that take place annually on April 20
According to

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Think back to the first time you heard the reference, and try to remember what you accepted.
We asked a few of our friends to do just that- here’s how they answered:

  • "one of my close friend said it's a police code for marijuana which I think is quite prevalent.

  • " the active 420 chemicals found in cannabis

  • "I remember thinking it was a time of day that people could smoke without getting in trouble

To be honest, most stories associated with cannabis 4:20 are false.
All thanks to Steve Capper, Dave Reddix, Jeffrey Noel, Larry Schwartz, and Mark Gravich which where famously known as the "Waldos" they attended a popular San Rafael High School in California. They would meet at a statue of Louis Pasteur after school activities at 4:20.

4/20 became a code for marijuana for them to confirm if they are going to get stoned after school runs, during this time this group of friends goes on a scouting mission/experience searching for a marijuana garden with a map given to them by a non-Waldo classmate while stoned.

Later, Reddix and his co got to work with the popular "Grateful Dead" through the help of his brother. Phil Lesh the pioneer of the band and smoke sessions overhead the "lous 420" phrase from reddix's[ one of the Waldos] elder brother, he loved it and decided to make it famous. He evacuated the initially "Louis 4:20" which met ~lets get high at the statue after school~ to "4:20" which means lets get high anywhere
The code was later used in one of the DEAD concert flyers as of then Dec. 28, 1990, in Oakland
The deadhead utilized the code to invite people to smoke marijuana on April 20 at 4:20
which is likewise included in High Occasions magazine. The 4/20 4:20 code has gone worldwide now, such a large number of celebrations labeled to it.

420 have been added to the Oxford dictionary and the "waldos" getting famous step by step as Nbc secured there story

"They birthed the possibility of a stoner occasion, which April 20 has moved to become."
It's 4:20 somewhere and am smoking an unknown strain i got from the black market, what strain are you smoking?

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Love it! To add more to the story - the waldos first used it as a code to search for an apparent grow field that was in the area. Reportedly, they would pass eachother in the halls saying "4:20" as a signal that they would meet and start the search. After months or longer of not being able to locate it, the term evolved into a meeting time to sesh.


Exactly, funny how it took time for the Waldos to become popular until lately.

Interesting story. I heard about it that way but didn't know their names or connection to Grateful Dead.

I am smoking an unknown strain too. @writer43 manifested it for me!


You are always lucky dear, your post made my day 👍

When I first heard of 420 it was part of the name to a local headshop; however, it will be a while before I actually knew what it meant:)


Well, i was smart enough to do my research which i heard the code initially. Heard it first from one of my hardcore stoner cousin then though.

Nice knowing this. I was actually not aware of it. I was thinking that 4:20 is a code associated with this smoke network and there is nothing more to it. First time i realized that i should had googled it. Anyway thanks for the info.


Lol, its really funny though. Glad you now know 😁

Now I know what 4:20 means .. Thanks.


Uwc :)