"Topically Cannabis" treat for skin and joint conditions

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Cannabis is of different use, aside from getting high/consuming the herb there are too many benefits stacked in the topically use of marijuana due to its potent healing actions on skin and joint conditions.
cannabis-divider-lime.pngCannabis infused topical treatment has been used successfully from ancient times as an alternative to side-effect laden pharmaceuticals for hundreds of years, to treat psoriasis, eczema and even arthritis.

Below are some of the conditions that topical cannabis treatment can help.


Cannabis has components that fight skin burning and itching. Eczema always happens when the skin is inflamed and irritated. Marijuana components like THC or CBD engage>a receptor network called the endocannabinoid system.
The [endocannabinoid system] has to do with maintaining homeostasis, or balance, between many systems in the brain and body.

So cannabis engagement to the skin immune the cells and gives eczema a good run.

Dry skin

I guess we all know cannabis components boost oil production in the skin, topical application on cannabis in a dry skin fosters engagement of oil-producing organs in the body to produce more oil.

the sebaceous glands(oil producing gland) secrete an oily substance known as sebum, which waterproofs and hydrates the skin.

I guess it's clear now, isn't it?
Nevertheless, its no longer news that cannabis enhances the body production of oil even on its own.

Arthritis and joint pains

Cannabis topical can also offer help to little joint pains, like the knee, shoulder and finger joints, though it's not strong enough to permeate and heal larger joints like the hip which has too many tissues ☺.
Smaller joint swellings/ arthritis can be treated comfortably with the combination of THC and CBC according to research

Don't you think cannabis treatment for skin/joint conditions is cheaper than regular medic solutions?

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Wow benefits of cannabis are so much that we even forget some of it


Lol.. You are on point ✌

It is a magic tree without a doubt and there are still many benefits to be discovered, thanks for sharing


I saw one online research on how cannabis can cure epilepsy, still don't know why this plant isn't legal yet. Thanks for checking out though

The benefits of cannabis are much...I bet there are other useful compounds in cannabis that we don't know


I won't agree less also... i guess with time positive mindblowing discoveries about cannabis will spike up the world

Very interesting article. Always find it great to show what this plant has for special properties except smoking, of course. Will also choose you as a witness if I have not done so far. :-)

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