Best songs to listen to while getting stoned

last year

Hi tokers, hope you all are good? Have been hooked up with too many offline duties within the week but am back now. I will my sharing some of the songs on my smokey playlist with you all.
We all know that Weed and music go hand in hand and I believe every hardcore toker has a favorite music playlist to jam out while getting stoned. Just checkout you coming back from work, turning on some music from the background or headphone and then relaxing on the couch or balcony with a joint or hand vape before going to shower, good vibes isn't it?
Seeking to have a smoking playlist for a better vibe? No need to worry as I'm here to help. First things first: you need to create a new playlist.... and.... Then give it a superb name like, "smokey monster #jams 🔥" "my cool" or "High Love These Songs." or any other spicy name you like.

That been said, feel free to add these
super chill songs to your playlist

Without Me– Halsey

My favorite song, a single by Halsey "without me"
The bridge of this killer song features an interpolation of Justin Timberlake's "Cry Me A River." I highly recommend you add this as to your smoke sesh playlist. Turns your toking session to a self-reflection mode and makes you understand your worth. Check it out


Redbone – Childish Gambino

This is a monster R&b jam by Childish Gambino that should make it to your playlist, check it out and catch the trips.


See You Again - Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth

See you again its tribute to Furious 7 actor "Paul Walker" puts you in a thoughtful mode with its slow beginning and then the rap, Just listen to it while you blow down.


Hell naw_ nasty c

This is one of my favorite songs, with lovely lines "am I ever gonna quit? (Hell naw)
Will I dumb it down a bit? (Hell Naw)
Nasty C did justice to this track. The jam puts the positive vibes that keep you motivated.


Sativa – Jhené Aiko ft. Swae Lee

Sativa one of songs in Jhené Aiko’s 2017 album, Trip, the song connects you with the trips, make sure you listen to it next time when getting stoned, believe me, you won't won't be able to get it off your head.

Girls like you - maroon 5 ft cardi B

Maroon 5 and Cardi B really did a monster jam " girls like you" which featured lots of popular woman in the video, Maroon 5 is a wildly talented person, so is Cardi too, add this song to your playlist and have a relaxed smokey session.


Morning Glory –Kehlani

Morning glory by Kehlani a Contemporary R&B singer and songwriter, tells men to allow their women take off their nails wigs and makeups at night, it's a relate track, get it added to your list, it's really a nice track to chill out to.

i would like you to know songs on your song sesh #playlist. Do you mind sharing them with me?

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This is a pretty good set of songs. My taste is a bit different but I like listening to some new things.


This. I find it that it is hard to characterise songs as stoners, it depends more generally about ones taste.
I ment on music that is good for listening while stoned.

I am not talking about artists expressing thoughts on weed, like Cypress Hill...

  ·  last year



Cool!!! What are your best songs while smoking with your headphone? Remembered you once told me about smoking and listening to music with your headphone via early morning

relaxing ones. I love the second one


Yeah, puts you on the mode.

Ah very cool, looks like a good set of tunes. Tunes an buds do complement each other so well. I don't think i've heard them all, going to check them out - thanks :)


It's worth the check, really quantity songs that can make one trip.

  ·  last year

I think , music taste is RELATIVE. By that i mean ,your playlist isn't quite to my personal taste ,but that does n't make it any less COOL. : )


I agree, maybe you should share your choice of music with me. Might like them too.